18 Home Theater Accessories that Enhance Performance

Shades from companies like Hunter Douglas can help homeowners control the amount of light entering their AV and home theater spaces.

When it comes to modern AV systems like home theaters, it is easy to find yourself worrying about 4K laser projectors, 8K TVs, AV processors, speakers, and receivers. However, there are often other elements such as remote controls, wiring, and other elements that are overlooked when designing these systems.

AV systems and home theater accessories are the glue for modern home entertainment. It’s noteworthy that while these products don’t offer the sexuality of a 120-inch 4K HDR image or the visceral response of immersive audio, a good system could never achieve a high level of performance without the use of these home theater accessories.

Home theater accessories fall into 2 categories

In assessing the requirements of a system beyond the above AV receivers, projectors, speakers, and other components, these supporting products can be broken down into different categories such as essentials and ancillary equipment.

The essential accessories include products such as HDMI cables, power protection, remote controls and a type of device memory such as a frame or furniture.

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Optional accessories can range from home theater curtains and seating to anamorphic lenses to lighting and shade products.

When you look at some of the products available today, there are more of these solutions available than ever before. The reasons there are more accessories can be traced back to the fact that home theaters are becoming more popular due to technologies like 4K and Dolby Atmos, and people are spending more time at home due to COVID-19 restrictions. Combine the growing interest in home cinema with the rapid development of the smart home and solutions such as shadow and light. It’s easy to see why people want to incorporate all of these elements into easy-to-use, powerful stand-alone systems.

Here are 18 home theater accessories from companies including:

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