2 officers injured dealing with combative, intoxicated handyman who soiled squad car, Madison police say | Crime

Charles Z. Knuteson.


Two police officers suffered minor injuries while dealing with a combative and drunken handyman who messed up a patrol car on Friday morning, Madison police said.

Charles Z. Knuteson, 29, of Whitewater, was arrested for a temporary battery charge which resulted in soft tissue injuries from resistance and criminal property damage. It has also been cited for the dumping of human waste products, police spokesman Joel DeSpain said in a statement.

The officers were sent to the Stage House Trail shortly after 10 a.m. Friday due to a disturbance. A homeowner told them she had a maintenance contract with Knuteson but decided not to keep his services when Knuteston arrived and apparently was drinking, DeSpain said.

The homeowner called 911 after seeing Knuteson hit two people who had come with him to help work on the Stage House Trail, and Knuteson next battled officers which caused the injuries, DeSpain said .

On the way to prison, Knuteson screamed and berated the arresting officer with threatened harm. He also said he wanted the officer to have “something to clean up” and pulled down his pants and deflated and urinated in the squad, DeSpain said.

The officer reported that Knuteson also “kicked” the squad’s door “hard,” causing damage and taking in fecal matter and spreading it on a rear-view camera, door, and window bars of the squad, DeSpain said.

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