5 Modern Ways To Update Your Fireplace

At the end of this article, you will find some ideas and suggestions on how to modernize your fireplace and make it even more useful.

(Newswire.net – Jan 29, 2021) – About a hundred years ago, indoor fireplaces were actually used to keep the house warm during the cold months. While some people still use it for this purpose during the holidays, most of us don’t even consider starting a fire.

What are you doing with this red brick structure on the wall of your living room? It’s a beautiful sight and adds character to the house, but it’s just missing something.

At the end of this article, you will find some ideas and suggestions on how to modernize your fireplace and make it even more useful.

However, before doing so, make sure that your chimney is clean and in good condition. You may need to get one Chimney crown repair done before you can start decorating and upgrading.

Go white or black

Red brick doesn’t go with everything, especially if you’re looking for a more modern aesthetic in your home. While adding a fireplace is the more traditional way, it doesn’t have to be anymore!

Consider whether you want to paint over the brick with a white or black paint. This will definitely give your living room a more modern and chic design. It can even be a fun weekend project.

Spice up the coat

You don’t have to get stuck on the coat that came with the house. You can add your touch to the current one or replace it entirely with a new material. There are several ways to renovate the coat yourself. You can torture it, paint it, or add etchings and designs.

Now that we’ve covered the actual coat itself, let’s talk about what to put on it. The possibilities are literally endless here!

You can start by adding some books with covers that suit your aesthetic, flowers or plants in cute vases, small jewelry or sculptures you can find in the store, or photos of your friends and family.

Use the chimney

Do you know the long strip of brick or stone that extends from the fireplace to the ceiling? Don’t make it go away!

Take advantage of this space by leaning a mirror and portrait over the coat. You can also hang a wreath with invisible wire or string during the holidays if you feel festive. Or leave it all year round, it’s up to you!

Reuse the fireplace

Perhaps you don’t want to bother lighting a fire or just use the fireplace for something else. Then use it for anything you want!

If you’re someone with an extensive library and you don’t have enough space for your books, pile them up in the fireplace or add shelves there. You can also add potted plants in the fireplace or collectibles like souvenirs from previous trips.

Whatever you do with your fireplace, remember to let your creativity run wild! This is your home, make it what you want.

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