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– A Durham couple had a mess that cost thousands of dollars to repair after hiring a company to install new glass doors for the fireplace and a new chimney cap.

When they didn’t get their promised refund, they turned to 5 On Your Side for help.

After hiring Triangle Chimney Pros, homeowner Julie Gibson noticed several problems. The crumbling bricks were repaired with silicone and the chimney cover leaked.

“When we touched these stones, they all crumbled,” Gibson said. When David Hawthorne, the owner of Triangle Chimney Pros, came out she suggested a wood stove insert to fix the problem. As it turned out, the stakes were too great.

“He actually tried to shave some of the depth of these stones to force the unit to fit with a jackhammer,” Gibson said. “It was really too big to be installed in our house.”

It got even more worrisome when fireplace maker Gibson said using a jackhammer on a chimney was a safety hazard. “It should never be done,” said Regency Fireplace Products officials. “It’s an unsafe exercise that he did.”

According to Gibson, the entire project has already cost $ 3,450. “That’s just to get us back where we were – and a little worse,” Gibson said. According to Gibson, the existing chimney and chimney could not be used as a normal fireplace.

In early May, Hawthorne’s wife, Heather, emailed Gibson’s with the following email:

“I sincerely apologize for our failure and I will return the deposit on this oven.”

Despite a promise, the check was “mailed” and another that it was mailed overnight passed six weeks with no refund. Then Gibson gave up and called 5 On Your Side.

When asked, Hawthorne said he took the check out of the mailbox when he saw Gibson posting negative reviews of Triangle Chimney Pros online.

As for work, Hawthorne said the supplement “would never sit right or look pretty to begin with,” adding that he discussed this with the homeowners before accepting the job.

Just hours after that conversation, Gibson received an email from Heather Hawthorne saying she had “put her foot down”. Hawthorne then paid Gibson nearly $ 3,500 in total to cover the security deposit and nearly $ 2,000 for necessary repairs.

“Given that this ordeal started in mid-March, it’s great to graduate,” said Gibson.

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