6 Best Handyman Insurance Companies of 2021

Best for Vehicles: Progressive Commercial

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Craftsmen needing coverage for their work vehicle should turn to Progressive Commercial, the largest and most experienced commercial vehicle insurer in the country.


  • Largest commercial auto insurer in the US

  • Covers business vehicles that are also used for personal transportation

  • Several discounts offered

  • Commercial auto coverage available in all 50 states

  • The online quotation tool compares the coverage of up to six providers


  • High general liability premiums

  • Most other types of guidelines are drawn up by other companies

  • Limited coverage options except car

Even if you drive your own personal vehicle to craft jobs, you should have commercial car insurance. Most personal car insurance policies do not cover business activities. So if you have an accident on the watch, you are likely looking for damage. As the largest commercial auto insurer in the United States, Progressive Commercial is your best bet to find the right coverage.

Progressive Commercial insures cars, trucks, vans, and virtually any type of vehicle you might need to get yourself and your tools to work. The covers available include liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured / underinsured motorists and more. If you’re pulling a trailer, Progressive Commercial does that too. Craftsmen who use their vehicle for personal and business purposes can purchase both insurance through Progressive to ensure there are no gaps in coverage.

The prices are relatively low; According to the insurer, the average auto premium for contractors is $ 181 per month. There are several ways to save, including a bundle discount when you combine a commercial auto policy with general liability insurance. Progressive’s safe driving app, Snapshot, is also available to business customers for a potential discount of 5% to 18% if you are driving well.

Other types of small business insurance are also available through Progressive Commercial, although most are signed by third parties. While these guidelines provide the basic protection you need as a handyman, there may be fewer ways to customize coverage.

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