8 Best Fireplace Baby Gates 2021: Baby Proof Fireplace Gates


Fireplace grilles, playpen, stair gate … the list of baby protection items goes on, and if you have a fireplace in your house you definitely want a barrier between the stove and your LO. Fireplaces add ambience, cosiness and warmth to a room, but are not exactly safe for babies and toddlers with a keen sense of curiosity.

How to Baby-Prove a Fireplace

The best way to combat the dangers of your fireplace is to put up a child-resistant fireplace door. And here’s the fun of it: fireplace grills are just regular baby grills until you place them in front of a fireplace; they just have to be sturdy enough to withstand a little one who tries with all their tiny strength to knock him over.

Types of grills

There are two types of child resistant fireplace doors to consider: hardware mounted and pressure mounted. Hardware-mounted baby gates are the safest and are screwed into a wall. If wall holes aren’t your thing, you might be better off a pressure-mounted baby gate that will stand up on its own and slide anywhere.

As parents, we protect our children from as many visual and physical hazards as possible, so you certainly don’t have to tell us that a fireplace is one of those physical hazards. But sometimes it’s easy to forget that kids do stupid things like So take a look at the best fireplace baby grills to find the best one for your home and family.

Best fireplace baby gates

With thousands of positive reviews (over 18,000!), This popular Regalo baby gate is a parent’s favorite. It’s safe, versatile, and can either be wall-mounted or pressurized. In either case, it is sturdy enough to support the weight of a baby or toddler leaning on it. Plus, it’s super wide at 192 inches, but converts into an eight-panel gate that is perfect for fireplaces. It comes with a four-pack of wall brackets.

$ 99.99 AT AMAZON

We’re all about options, and with this stained wood baby gate, you have the option of attaching it to a wall with fittings (sold separately) or placing it as a free-standing gate in front of your fireplace. It has six panels and a swinging walk-through door with a double locking system. At 40 inches high and 151 inches wide, this baby gate is big enough for wide fireplaces and even more.

$ 171.65 AT AMAZON

Let’s face it – fireplace baby gates aren’t cute, but they are necessary. Made from heavy duty tubular steel (in other words, your Hulk baby can’t bend the bars to squeeze through), this model is available in white or black and it’s 155 inches wide with five panels. It is pressure mounted with a walk-through door and a double locking system. It also works well for outdoor fire pits.

$ 109.99 AT AMAZON

An ideal baby-proof fireplace door for large rooms, this one is 198 inches wide by 30 inches high with eight panels. It’s foldable for easy storage (or simple enough) and can also be wall mounted. You can add or remove panels as needed, and like the others, it has a walk-through door with a double locking system but it can pivot in either direction. The color options are black or white.


If your fireplace is on the smaller side, this baby grille is a great option. In fact, there are two sizes to choose from: one is 122 inches wide with five panels and the other is 74 inches with three panels. Both are available in black and white. The gate is easy to transport and can be used elsewhere around the house when you are not using the fireplace – such as at the top or bottom of the stairs or to cordon off a room. The gate is heavy and sturdy and can be wall-mounted for even better protection. According to reviews, it’s quick and easy to assemble, which is always a plus.


This baby gate comes with wall mounting hardware that can be easily removed when you are not using your fireplace. It is 109 inches wide and comes with four panels – perfect for a small room. The lock on the walk-through door is child-proof, which reviews say is a challenge to open. But that’s the ultimate goal of keeping kids out, isn’t it? The gate is available in black or white.

$ 162.99 AT WAYFAIR

Here’s another great option for a small fireplace area. This baby gate is 120 inches wide by 30 inches high with five panels and includes hardware for wall mounting. It’s sturdy and easy to assemble, which means fewer headaches for you. One reviewer wrote, “I love this easy to assemble baby fence. I use it in front of my fireplace to protect my twin grand babies from harm. It is portable so that it can easily move in front of the stairs when we enter this room. “


This secure baby fence comes with six panels, each of which can be locked – the perfect size to wrap around an average chimney. It can be hardware or pressure mounted – whichever is best for your space. You have the option to purchase a two-panel expansion kit if needed, and all options are available in black and white.

$ 95.99 AT WALMART

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Regalo Super-wide adjustable baby gate

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Kleinkindoo by North States Extra Wide Bab …

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Costzon baby safety gate

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KINGSO extra-wide baby gate

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Bonnlo metal grate for babies

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BabyDan Flex XL stove 5 pieces safety g …

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Five wrought iron baby gates

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Jaxety chimney protection fence

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