8 Ways to Patch Drywall

Many people understandably have a love-hate relationship with drywall. Take patch holes, for example. When a fix comes out right, it’s hard not to love drywall despite its messy, often moody, nature. If a patch attempt turns out bad, you can only hate this stuff. Well, do it all over again. When it comes to drywall, knowledge is power. Check out these variations on wall mending.

1) This video shows how to deal with small holes. You may be familiar with this method. If not, you’ll be glad you checked it out. Small drywall patch

2) This is a post from a reader on the California Patch Method. California drywall patch

3) Here is the no-tape method shown again with step-by-step illustrations. The no-tape drywall patch

4) This tip shows how to use the tape behind the patch. It’s part of one of the videos listed above. Drywall patch top

5) In this tip, of all things, the house wrap is used as part of the fix. Improved drywall patch.

6) This tip uses polyurethane glue to create an invisible stain. Invisible drywall patch

7) Check out this video, a combo tip that shows you how to drill and repair holes. Nifty drywall patch

8) Here is a video showing how to repair a large hole in drywall. Large drywall patch

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