About-turn? Cabinet to now consider mandatory vaccination

in all news / By: BVI News on May 5, 2021 at 8:24 am /

Health Minister Carvin Malone is vaccinated.

Just as the territory is expected to fully reopen its borders in the coming weeks, the government will now consider whether a mandatory vaccination should be carried out on site.

Health Minister Carvin Malone said on the Virgin Islands Party’s Let’s Talk radio program last night (May 4th): “It is an issue that the Cabinet needs to investigate [and] examine “.

“You just have to look around the region and around the world to see what happens,” Malone said.

He answered a question from a member of the public who inquired about whether work permit holders are given compulsory vaccines, as is the case in some nearby jurisdictions.

Malone suggested that this (countries that have mandatory vaccine guidelines) may be because their health systems are “tight”.

Speaking to the BVI, he said: “This is the first time visitors come in; I would suspect that the Cabinet will look into this upon its first receipt. But we also have to look around – those of us who live here. We have to protect the entire economy, ”he said.

The Health Minister said that no particular group – whether nationals, expats or visitors – is singled out and, as such, is telling everyone over the age of 18 to get vaccinated now.

Prior to this, Prime Minister Fahie said compulsory vaccination is not a path his government wants to take.

“I know that Member States in the region are trying to change their public health laws to require some workers to be vaccinated. It is not our intention to make this mandatory. I repeat, it is not our intention to make this mandatory, but it is our intention not to let the vaccines in our possession expire if others can use them, ”the Prime Minister said in a statement earlier last month.

Prime Minister Fahie, who was present at the forum last night, made no comment.

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