Achieve Your Culinary Dreams, Up the Ambience with Your Fireplace, or Even Stay Warm in ‘Junuary’ with a Propane Tank Installation and Service by Acme Fuel

I always dreamed of a gas stove. One in which high-octane fuel burns my peppers perfectly, heats up in no time and I hover over them with the mouse and sprinkle salt on my dishes and say “Bam!” can scream. like Emeril. However, the gas pipeline did not run in my street. It covers the street next to me, but for some reason mine wasn’t worthy of the perfectly cooked vegetables. I recently met Todd Deck, the general manager of Acme Fuel in downtown Olympia, and he told me a well-known secret: I can just install a propane tank.

Indoor s’mores, anyone? Yes, I would like more of that! With a propane tank and the service of Acme Fuel, you can make your culinary dreams come true and fuel your gas-powered devices and heat sources. Photo credit: Jerica Pender

Propane or liquefied petroleum gas is not the same as natural gas. And what’s really great about it is its accessibility: a propane tank can be installed in any home to fire all kinds of appliances, from water heaters, fireplaces, stoves, generators, dryers, and yes, you guessed it – hobs.

Propane was discovered by French chemist Marcellin Berthelot in 1857, but it did not become widespread in America until the early to mid-19th century, around the time Acme Fuel started its business here in Olympia. (Can you believe that? Acme has been around since 1925, almost a century!)

Todd says now is the time for new customers to get set up with Acme as they will have to wait until fall / winter to start setting up. Make hay while the sun is shining, the saying goes, and while it doesn’t feel intuitive while the sun is shining, it’s a good time to set up your account. If you’re waiting for the cold weather to arrive this fall / winter, you’ll have to wait your turn (but Acme won’t leave you out in the rain).

Todd strongly recommends contacting Acme Fuel now to install new tanks and keep gas flowing, and this is my recommendation too, because why wait to do s’mores on your gas hob indoors? It’s s’mores season!

“We sell propane tanks or we can lease them for an annual fee,” explains Todd. “And we have sizes from 50-1,000 gallons. The 50 and 120 gallon sizes must be installed above ground, and the 250, 500 and 1,000 gallon sizes can be installed above or below ground. “

Todd taught me that propane tanks are always white because they don’t absorb heat, a crucial part of propane tank safety. “I’m always asked and tell customers that if you paint the tank – paint it a light color.”

Acme is committed to safety because in the fuel business is there any other way? But besides safety, customer service comes first and is an integral part of what this local family business is known for. They are the gold standard in terms of service, reliability, and competitive pricing. But don’t take my word for it, I’ve only been with Acme for 11 years and these 5-star Google reviews speak for themselves.

Let Acme Fuel experts install propane

Acme Fuel Propane LindaLinda can be found in the community representing Acme Fuel and supporting potential customers. Courtesy photo: Aceme Fuel

In the case of new installations, Todd, Christophe or Linda first conduct a site inspection with the homeowner to determine the correct placement of the new tank. If you have an existing tank from another vendor, Acme will replace it for free. After the tank is set up, a system of routine checks is carried out to ensure that the installation is safe not only for the customer but also for Acme’s delivery drivers and technicians.

“Our technicians adjust tanks, perform gas controls, fix leaks,” says Todd. “Assuming someone is digging a little ambitiously in their yard and comes across the gasoline line and it breaks, they’ll fix it or replace the regulators. Whatever the customer needs. “

Aside from making your culinary dreams come true, another benefit of having a propane tank with a dedicated gas line is that if a leak occurs, the homeowner can turn off the gas if it is on-site in a pressurized tank. A really great thing when it comes to security.

Acme Fuel Propane Jason Waters WaterJason works part time for Acme Fuel as a propane technician and delivery driver and works the rest of his schedule around his duties as a firefighter for the Olympia Fire Department. He’s been with Acme for nearly two decades now. Courtesy photo: Aceme Fuel

Acme technicians have safety in mind as one of them sees the dangers of the fire on a regular basis. Jason works part time for Acme Fuel as a propane technician and delivery driver and works the rest of his schedule around his duties as a firefighter for the Olympia Fire Department. He’s been with Acme for nearly two decades now.

Jonny is the full-time man who has been with Acme for six years, and growing. “Our technicians are great at dealing with customers,” says Todd, “They are reliable, available when we need them, good guys and fun to be around.”

After Jonny or Jason equip you with a new tank, the Acme Fuel staff will do the rest. They offer an auto-fill program that will meet your propane needs based on the size of your household, lifestyle, and the number of times you need Appreciate s’mores. Joke about the latter, but it’s no joke to take the pressure off of constantly dealing with your propane needs and whether or not you go out on Christmas Day.

Joining the Acme Auto-Fill program might be called “set and forget” for customers, but not for Acme Fuel employees, as they have their supplies on a scientific basis. They will fill and top up your tank regularly to ensure that your needs are met. Will Call options are also available for those who prefer this option.

Acme is committed to ensuring that our community is aware of everything it has to offer. So much so that they send their propane and heating fuel sales rep, Linda, to the community to educate and support potential customers. Linda loves to chat about propane and regularly attends chamber meetings and business events, she proudly represents the Acme family. To reach Linda you can reach her at 360.507.3049.

Acme Fuel Propane Jonny and ScottAcme Fuel has powered our community since 1925! Propane tanks are great additions to households and can power a wide variety of devices and heat sources. (Pictured, Jonny and Scott) Copyright: Doug Walker Photography

So what are you waiting for? Call Acme to see what your options are regarding propane. Whether you’re a new propane plant or have an existing plant designed to fire Acme, these s’mores and veggies won’t cook themselves, and the winter winds won’t be gone forever.

Let Acme turn up the heat.

Acme fuel: 360.943.1133

Acme’s office
416 State Avenue NE, Olympia

Fast filling stations
303 Thurston Avenue NE, Olympia
Lilly Road – 501 Lilly Road SE, Olympia


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