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Happy Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of summer. Here in Tehama County, summer started earlier this year. The hills are already golden and the willow is crisp and crispy underfoot.

After a year of hibernation, things are slowly returning to what our normal version is. When the pandemic broke out, I lost three of my four part-time jobs. Writing this column is not a job. It is a voluntary effort that I consider therapy.

But this weekend I’m dusting my little stall and going to the Mushroom Festival in McCloud. It’s my first gig in over a year and I couldn’t be more excited. It takes place on Saturday and Sunday, which is appropriate. Sometimes we forget the somber reflection we should attend on Memorial Day Monday proper for car sales and barbecues.

I usually write on Thursday for a Friday appointment so my editor can squeeze my blather into the allotted space. That week, Thursday was one of those days when a simple task turned into a ripple effect of disaster. Or exhilaration in retrospect.

Since it is almost impossible to get an equipment repair person to go to Manton, we’ve learned how to fix most things ourselves. Mr. Standish takes care of the big things outside and I fix the dishwasher, fridge, washing machine, etc.

Wednesday I foolishly decided to clean the water filter unit in the refrigerator. We don’t use a filter because our well water is so great, but every now and then – like every 5 years or so – I remember cleaning the container. I unscrewed it and there was some nutritious manton mud in the bottom so I washed it and screwed it back on.

Mr. Standish went to Chico that afternoon to visit Roland Allen – a Mercy graduate, comedy buddy, and one of the greatest piano players of all time. Just in time for the pandemic, Roland opened his own brewery called Mulberry Station and it was very successful, which had to do with the fact that everyone had to drink more and had the time to do so. Great pizza too.

When Mr. Standish drove out of sight, I opened the refrigerator and the filter unit spat out water all over the place. I screwed the device back on and got a plastic container underneath. It was more of a drop now, but still not good. Rut-raw.

I looked at the counter next to the fridge and there was a large puddle of water on it. Waiting. What? How did this happen? In a few minutes, water gushed out of the refrigerator, under the cupboards and against the backsplash that lived up to its name.

I tried to pull the refrigerator out of its cozy corner between the wall and the counter to turn off the water source, but couldn’t move it. Years of spills and melted ice cubes damaged the wood laminate under the wheels and they were now in small trenches and I wasn’t big enough to get them out.

Occasionally the water kept gushing all night, and when Mr. Standish came home on Thursday we tried to pull it out together but we couldn’t cope with the wheel ruts.

I emptied the refrigerator into fridges, one of which was a frog hiding behind a steering wheel. He decided to take a quick tour of the kitchen, hopping after him like Mr. Staypuft Marshmallow Man roaming Central Park West. I finally grabbed him and he peed on me as I took him to his new home under some bushes.

The refrigerator is now empty, we’ve cleared the ruts, pulled it away from the wall, and finally turned off the water. The source of the refrigerator well was the tube that fills the ice maker. It was no longer connected so I pushed it back in.

The water pipe to the ice machine was frozen – that’s probably why the tube burned out. I took a blowtorch, I mean hair dryer, to it. I hope for cubes soon, because nobody likes a warm martini. The food is back, the shelves have been cleaned, but we still need to fix the floor before we can push it back into its corner.

Note for yourself – leave the stupid filter housing alone.

Speaking of stupid: On Tuesday, at the meeting of the Supervisory Board, an overview was given of what the General Plan Committee has been working on for years. This will be a brief summary as there wasn’t much substance. “We’ve already cut all the expenses we can (haha) so we need new sources of income (do you think?).”

Here are a few highlights. Chief Administrator Bill Goodwin spoke about another tax hike. It is clear that the failure of Measure G still annoys him. Goodwin suggested that citizens – yes, we – start an initiative for a special tax that our sheriff’s department pays for something closer to a living wage. Sure, Bill, we’ll jump on it right away.

Candy Carlson began a lengthy and detailed review of the overview, and Dennis Garton eventually cut it off. It could have been time for his snack. It made a lot of sense, but only John Leach ever seems to absorb what she is saying.

Everyone agreed that the county should take a look at commercial cannabis for additional revenue. Well well well. Their greed has finally overtaken their false morals.

Enjoy your weekend. Monday is the last day I can place an order that triggers a donation to Empower Tehama. I think you all mailed a check direct to ET because my email and phone weren’t exactly flooded with orders. However, my Facebook friends replied and at $ 435 we are exactly $ 9 more than last year’s donation.

Be safe and have fun while grilling. I have ice when you need it.

Liz Merry has been half of Merry Standish Comedy for 30 years and a former business owner in downtown Red Bluff. She now has a home business and is locked and charged in Manton. She can be reached at [email protected]

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