Apple Releases 14.2 Software for HomePod With New Siri, Intercom and Home Theater Features

In addition to iOS and iPadOS 14.2, Apple today released new 14.2 software for the HomePod that includes support for new Siri and Intercom functions. Today’s update comes a few weeks after the HomePod 14.1 software was released.

With the update, Siri can now take a personal snapshot of each HomePod user’s day and view news info, weather, traffic, reminders, and more when asked what my update is.

Intercom now supports iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods and CarPlay. The full-size “HomePod” can be connected to an Apple TV 4K for impressive sound. Apple’s full release notes for the update are below:

The software version 14.2 supports the new functions “Siri”, “Intercom” and “Home theater”. This update also contains bug fixes and improvements.

– Ask ‌Siri‌ “What’s my update?” to hear a personal snapshot of your day that includes news, weather, traffic, reminders and calendar events.

– Intercom with “iPhone”, “iPad”, Apple Watch, “AirPods” and “CarPlay”.

– Connect “HomePod” to “Apple TV” 4K and enjoy stereo, surround sound and Dolby Atmos audio. Add a second “HomePod” for a more impressive soundstage.

The “HomePod” software is automatically installed on the “HomePod”. However, the “HomePod” can also be updated manually by following the instructions in our “HomePod” update.

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