Appliance inspector prepares for retirement journey, capping off years of helping garrisons | Article

WIESBADEN, Germany – When Adrian Maade is stepping down from his job as Equipment Inspector for Quality Assurance / Quality Control for Installation Management Command Europe in a few months after 14 years, he has some very specific plans for what he would like to do next.

“I’m going to do some motorcycle tours, mostly wild camping,” said Maade, who will celebrate his 39th birthday with his wife Henny in November. “First on the list of road trips is a three to four week trip that will take me along the entire Spanish coast, the Portuguese coast, over the Pyrenees and back to Barcelona.

Adrian Maade will retire in November 2021 after 14 years as a device inspector for quality assurance / quality control at IMCOM-Europe. Maade and his 39-year-old wife are planning their retirement with a multi-country motorcycle tour.
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“I will retire in a couple of weeks,” he said with a smile, noting that he actually retired in June but had complied with a request to stay six more months. Road trips are nothing new to Maade, who likes to go to each garrison as often as possible to help the inspectors in her facility management.

“We support the garrisons 100 percent. We don’t try to find bugs and check what they are doing, but advise, support and help them solve problems as best we can. Over the years I’ve built an extremely good relationship with every single garrison, ”Maade said, adding that while COVID-19 slowed travel, it still got to some of the garrisons.

Having good leaders was an important part of Maade’s own job satisfaction.

“I am very fortunate to have the management that I work for. They trust me 100 percent and support me. All I have to do is tell them what I’ve done and keep track of what they need from me. I think it’s very nice when someone can trust you like that, ”he said.

After closing their shops in his homeland

South Africa, Maade, his wife and three sons moved to Mannheim in January 2001 to begin their next chapter. After the army was closed in Mannheim, they moved to Kaiserslautern, near Henny’s birthplace. Maade worked for almost seven years as a technician for the equipment repair service provider of the army before joining the civilian workforce as equipment inspector in November 2007.

“It was something completely different. I had never done an administrative job before as Henny ran that part of the business in South Africa. I’m a master electrician by profession and from the age of 23 I always ran my own business as an electrician and other businesses, including a sheet metal business, ”said Maade.

In addition to this diverse background and experience, Maade has also taken up another hobby that he would like to cultivate: gardening.

“We will grow all of our vegetables ourselves. I’ve been growing vegetables for a couple of years, but we’re going to be growing all of our vegetables without chemicals, ”he said using a system called hydroponics, a cycle that starts with composting and ends as the plants grow air and water.

“Most of my systems are up and running,” he said, noting that the system can run on its own for several weeks without him touching the process: the perfect system for taking off while traveling.

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