Appliance repair calls skyrocket during pandemic

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TikToker goes viral to share experiences on AstraZeneca vaccine trials

Last week, Ashley Locke, a Tennessee-based TikTok user, posted a video participating in the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine study.

Since then, the video has had more than 2.6 million views.

“I was blown away by the attention it got,” Locke told NBC News partner News 4 Nashville.

In the clip, Locke shows how she arrives at the facility, meets with a doctor, and towards the end of the clip is given an injection of what she explains, either the vaccine or a placebo.

“Now I have to check in and have my blood drawn for the next two years to see how everything is going,” writes Locke in the video.

In the videos below, posted on her account, Locke answers viewers’ questions about the vaccine trial and describes her check-ins with the study’s doctors.

Not only did the videos give people a glimpse into participating in a Covid-19 vaccine study, but they also encouraged others to sign up.

Clinical Research Associates, the Nashville office where Locke is participating in the study, told News 4 Nashville that there has been an influx of registrations since Locke’s video. They said those who signed up found out about the process through social media, with some specifically citing TikTok.

“To think that I was involved in sharing this information and getting more people involved in the process just feels really cool. I mean, I definitely wasn’t expecting this, so this is great,” Locke told News 4 Nashville.

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19 days ago / 15:40 UTC

6 dead, more than 70 infected in Massachusetts nursing home

Six residents of an assisted living facility in Massachusetts died after testing positive for the coronavirus, officials told NBC Boston on Monday.

The coronavirus outbreak has infected more than 70 residents and employees at Atria Marland Place in Andover, Mass., Said Kymberly Codair, regional vice president of Atria Senior Living.

“Our thoughts are with their families at this difficult time,” Codair said in a statement to NBC Boston.

Codair added that all residents who test positive will be in quarantine and receiving medical attention. The facility operates with “escalated safety protocols,” including restricted access to visitors, regular temperature reviews, symptom screening, and appropriate PPE for employees.

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The New York City ambulance warns of the potentially fatal consequences of Thanksgiving travel

A New York City ambulance warns Twitter users of the potential deadly consequences of travel and family gatherings during the holiday season.

“There’s just no foolproof way to take family celebrations on vacation risk-free,” tweeted Craig Spencer, 39, an emergency medicine doctor at Columbia University Hospital.

I’m spending Thanksgiving indoors with lots of new people !!!

Because I’m going to work in the emergency room.

Even then – with PSA and COVID tests – the risk won’t be zero.

If you don’t have to travel, please don’t. There is simply no foolproof way to make family gatherings on vacation risk free.

– Craig Spencer, MD MPH (@Craig_A_Spencer) November 22, 2020

“In a couple of weeks we’re going to hear many stories from people who have come together from all over the country, interacting with their family members, and those family members are sick or maybe even died,” Spencer told NBC News over the phone.

While doctors rely on personal protective equipment and know which of their patients are Covid-19 positive, meeting attendees will not take the same precautions, meaning the risk will be very high for many across the country, he added .

Spencer hopes he and his colleagues in the emergency room will have time to gather for dinner on Thanksgiving, but won’t hold their breath. “2020 is different from every year before,” he said.

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EU secures 160 million Moderna recordings

BRUSSELS – The European Union executive announced Tuesday that it would sign a contract for up to 160 million doses of the experimental coronavirus vaccine developed by Moderna.

Ursula von der Leyen, president of the EU commission, said the deal would be approved on Wednesday as the EU seeks to build “one of the most comprehensive Covid-19 vaccine portfolios in the world”.

The deal with Moderna is the sixth that the EU Commission has signed with pharmaceutical companies. This will allow the 27 member countries to buy more than 1 billion cans once the recordings are ready.

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Ohio shatters its one-day case record, the US counting the 20th day with more than 100,000 cases

Ohio broke its one-day Covid-19 case record of 8,808 on Friday and reported 11,885 cases on Monday.

It does so amid a sustained surge in the state and country which has seen more than 100,000 cases per day since Nov. 4th, according to NBC News.

On Monday, the US counted 178,757 cases and 1,164 deaths.

The country’s daily average for the past week was 171,820 cases per day, more than double the average of 84,718 cases per day four weeks ago.

Other states set daily records on Monday:

  • Connecticut with a record 5,271 coronavirus cases *
  • Kansas with 7,526 cases *
  • Rhode Island with 2,572 cases *
  • Virginia with 3,242 cases
  • Wyoming with 1,262 cases and 26 deaths

* These states did not register any cases over the weekend.

Stella Kim and Reuters

Before 19d / 12:18 UTC

South Korea tightens Covid-19 restrictions as cases continue to rise

The guests sit in a restaurant in the Yeonnam district of Seoul on Sunday. Ed Jones / AFP – Getty Images

The South Korean government took stricter social distancing measures on Tuesday amid a burgeoning third wave of coronavirus infections.

Disease Control and Prevention Agency chief Jeong Eun Kyeong warned that if the spread of the virus is not curbed, infections could grow exponentially, due to the 349 new cases registered on Tuesday.

South Korea has been lauded for its early tracking, testing, and quarantine efforts to keep the virus in check, but health officials have sounded the alarm about clusters of infections in the densely populated metropolitan area of ​​Seoul, home to roughly half of the country’s 52 million residents .

As of Tuesday, major coffee shops in Seoul will only have to offer takeaway and delivery services, while restaurants will need to be close to personal dining after 9 p.m. Additional restrictions apply to facilities such as fitness studios with restrictions on participation in religious gatherings and sports events.

The country has reported 31,353 coronavirus cases since the pandemic began, with 510 deaths – far fewer than the United States or Europe.


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Japan suspends domestic travel in two cities as Covid spreads

TOKYO – Japan has suspended its “Go To Travel” domestic advertising campaign in two cities after a surge in COVID-19 infections, a minister said Tuesday, a blow to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s plan to help prop up the regional economy.

Critics of the program said it risked the spread of infection from major cities to the countryside.

“We have agreed to temporarily exclude trips to the cities of Sapporo and Hokkaido from the travel campaign,” said Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura on Tuesday.

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