Appliance repair man and wife speak to NewsChannel 13 after escaping Glenmont fire

The house on Kenwood Avenue they built in 1985 was destroyed in October after multiple explosions and a late-night fire were reported on October 24, 2020. The couple was at home at the time. Jeanne had fallen asleep on the lower level and Bob was preparing for the bed on the second floor.

Bob owns Bob’s Appliance Repair in Albany and is a well known and respected small business owner.

He suffered severe injuries and smoke inhalation when he fell 10 to 12 feet to the ground where his brother Scott Salisbury and a neighbor were working to help him get to safety.

Bob Salisbury had to be flown to Westchester Medical Center, where he spent a week before he and Jeanne moved to a local hotel.

Bob broke his rib and had other cuts and bruises and is still trying to make appointments for his clients. He hopes to heal quickly and get back to work in a few weeks.

Former client Colleen Economides-Scott went to Facebook to organize a fundraiser for the Salisburys. The site has achieved more than Economides-Scott’s $ 10,000 target. The couple are very grateful for the community support and all donations.

He told NewsChannel 13 that the money raised will likely help him buy a new work truck.

Learn more about what it was like to be in the moment this explosion happened by watching the video of Jill Konopka’s story.

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