Appliance repairs delayed as parts are held up by coronavirus pandemic

CHICAGO (WLS) – Home appliance repairs have been difficult as the pandemic is causing delays in parts or, in some cases, simply not being available.

“I’m disgusted. I can’t go to the laundromat. Because of this and my legs. I have six to seven weeks of laundry,” said Louise Deprizio, a resident of Elmwood Park.

Deprizio is disabled and has been burdened with a broken washing machine since September. She said she spent hundreds of dollars on laundry service while waiting for her washing machine to be fixed under her Sears warranty.

The washing machine and four other devices are backed by a Sears warranty that costs $ 700 per year. Deprizio said she spent hours on hold and sometimes gets disconnected.

“I can’t understand why anyone should be treated like this. Give me an answer one way or another. I have your contract in writing. At least stick to the contract,” she said.

Sears sent a repair person to Deprizio a few times, but she couldn’t fix the washing machine.

“The parts didn’t work, none of them,” said Deprezio.

Our sister station WTVD in Raleigh-Durham reported that a Sears consumer waited months for parts before Sears offered her a new refrigerator. Sears said many parts and production were slowed down by the pandemic

Sears did not attribute the pandemic to Deprizio’s waiting, but told the I-Team: “The satisfaction of our members and customers is our top priority. We value Ms. Deprizio as a loyal customer and we regret the delay in resolving this issue. According to two After months of trying to fix your washing machine, we found it was beyond repair because the part you needed was no longer available. “

But Deprezio said Sears customer service was a disappointment.

“I grew up with Sears. I’ve been with Sears for so long. And then when that happened. I don’t trust them,” she said.

In November, Deprizio said Sears told her they would cover a new replacement lens and she finally got it in December. But she said she had to pay more than Sears would cover. After the I-Team contacted Sears, they said they would reimburse her for the difference in cost and help her with another matter that wasn’t on the contract either.

“They gave me this check because I went to the laundromat,” Deprezio told the I-Team. “You have helped a lot.”

If you are faced with a wait or parts cannot be found for a repair, you can contact a representative for a replacement product. However, delays can also occur with entire devices. A recent study by an industry group found that only 10 percent of companies felt prepared for delays caused by pandemics

Full statement from Sears:

“The satisfaction of our members and customers is our top priority. We value Ms. Deprizio as a loyal customer and we regret the delay in resolving this issue. After two months of trying to fix her washing machine, we discovered that it was beyond repair The part she needed was no longer available. We immediately authorized her for a comparable replacement model valued at $ 650 on November 4th, but she didn’t select her replacement until December 16, and the model she selected was $ 999, exceeding that comparable value of her original car wash. She was also aware that the model she had selected would not be delivered until January 9th, although we had other models available earlier. Ms. Deprizio did not request a reimbursement of the laundry costs (As this is not an advantage, the As part of her service contract, we politely reimbursed her for the laundromat. ”

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