Appliance shortage has repair shops booming

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Instead of trying to find new home appliances after they break, people could save a lot of money to fix their old one.

Mark Lancaster and his wife love their Kenmore washing machine, which is over 40 years old. When it recently stopped working, they looked for a new washing machine. But Lancaster said prices were high and scarcity meant many models were behind.

“They are very hard to come by,” he said.

So he googled the problem and found that a $ 7 plastic plug was causing the washing machine to fail. A couple of YouTube videos and an hour later with a screwdriver and wrench, the washing machine was back on, according to Lancaster.

Not handy? Repair shops help

Many people don’t have the skills to fix a broken washing machine, and that’s why appliance repair shops are doing record business this year.

Day’s Appliances on Beechmont Avenue in Anderson Township has doubled in the past year and a half due to this onslaught of repairs. Chief Tech Pat Herren said an older refrigerator or washing machine worth $ 200 would normally be worth repairing.

“Maybe it’ll use more water, but if you have a family, a new washing machine won’t last even 8 or 9 years,” said Herren.

He said newer devices use so much electronics and plastic that they don’t last as long as models from the 1950s.

“If you have older equipment, hold onto it,” he said. “You will run forever.”

Herren said if you really want a new device make sure it is available from a regional warehouse and not backlogged. In today’s marketplace, some devices can take up to six months to arrive. Waiting is not what most people want to be concerned with right now.

As always, don’t waste your money.


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