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ORLANDO, Florida – A local woman has paid thousands of dollars for an equipment repair warranty over the past 15 years.

When the well-known service failed to fix her refrigerator for two months, she called

Action 9 for results.

Pat Keefer uses a borrowed refrigerator owned by someone in her church because the freezer on her Kenmore refrigerator failed eight weeks ago.

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Keefer has a Sears Home Services warranty so she thought the repair was covered.

“You paid for equipment protection. At the end of

Did you understand? “Asked Todd Ulrich.

“No, not yet,” Keefer replied.

Keefer contacted Action 9, claiming Sears was slow to respond, saying the only repair that was done was not fixing her freezer.

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Two months later, she still can’t use the refrigerator.

“They said, ‘Well your parts were hard to come by and you know technicians are”

briefly because of COVID-19 ‘, ”explained Keefer.

She said she had been paying for a Sears equipment warranty for at least 10 years and paid more than $ 400 for the latest premium.

Nationwide, Sears has more than 2,600 complaints with the Better Business Bureau, most of which relate to failed repairs. The company is rated A-plus for answering these complaints.

There is a class action lawsuit against Sears Home Services initiated by an Illinois couple. They claim that they did not receive the repair protection they paid for.

The lawsuit alleges that Sears breached a contract and was involved in fraudulent business by selling warranties on equipment that the company failed to fully comply with.

Consumer experts say you should be ready for that with any warranty

Coverage you paid for.

“Make sure you stay on schedule because in the end you want to make sure you aren’t the reason they turned down coverage,” said Holly Salmons, president of BBB.

Ulrich contacted company directors at Sears about Keefer’s complaint, and on the same day, Sears said she would receive a new replacement refrigerator and $ 400 to cover food losses. The company claims it had already planned to support Keefer in this way.

Keefer said she had not heard of Sear’s intended assistance prior to Ulrich talking to them.

“Have you ever spoken to a supervisor?” Asked Ulrich.

“No,” answered Keefer.

Warranties sold in Florida are a type of insurance so you can submit claim complaints to the Florida Department of Finance.

SEARS answer:

“At Sears, the satisfaction of our members and customers is our number one priority. We value Ms. Keefer as a customer and had already authorized her for a replacement yesterday (although she didn’t seem to have been notified of this by email due to email issues). When we gave her the information today along with updates on the available models, we were able to schedule the delivery of her replacement refrigerator for October 11th. In addition to the replacement, she didn’t know she had already received the maximum allocation of $ 200.00 in grocery loss reimbursement, mailed by check last week, and we courteously provided her with an additional $ 200, which she has about one Week after receipt of the other should be received. “

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