Arizona AV Fanatic Upgrades Home Theater with Help From Alcons

Occasionally, installing a home theater system enables a homeowner to live a dream. In the case of Arizona-based home owner Maninder Chatha, his love for AV electronics began at a young age and went so far that he only wanted to work with AV installers to upgrade his own home theater.

Thanks in part to the people at Alcons, Chatha was able to realize his dream of having his own eight-seat cinema room.

“Over the decades, I’ve come a long way to get the best audio and video experience possible – from makeshift preamps / amplifiers and speakers to the cutting edge equipment that is now available,” says Chatha.

The system consists of three Alcons CRMS mkII three-way cinema reference monitor system units as well as four CRMSC-SRIW-compact wall reference frames and four CRMSC-SRHV-compact horizontal / vertical reference surrounds. The system is powered and controlled by four Sentinel3 amplified loudspeaker controls.

This eight-seat home theater has been massively outfitted with Alcons audio equipment so that homeowner Maninder Chatha can enjoy the room to the fullest.

According to Chatha, part of the fun of finally making your home theater dreams come true was simply working with and learning from David Rahn at Alcons Audio and Walter Fortmüller at SAVO.

“It’s not about having expensive and material items that give pleasure. It shares the common passion for perfection in audio and video, meets people like David and Walter and shares time and experiences with them that bring the greatest joy and lasting memories. I know from talking to them that the people at Alcons share a similar passion, ”says Chatha.

“A key aspect of the new immersive sound formats is the creation of a coherent, even 3D sound field around the listener, without gaps and obvious transitions,” says Fortmüller, who provided his expertise in acoustic design and system optimization for the project.

“The excellent dispersion properties of the Alcons C series as well as the almost perfect tone color matching between the speakers enabled us to deliver flawless audio quality on every seat. The variation from seat to seat is minimized by a balanced and closely coordinated reaction on and off the axis – the entire listening area becomes a “money seat”.

Integrator hides a large AV system in the closet

“Even with 11 speaker channels, object-based sound formats place and move sound events between these fixed speaker positions. It is important to have very stable, focused ghost images. Alcons products do exceptionally well in this regard, ”adds Fortmüller.

The biggest benefit of investing in a very high quality system is of course the audio quality, for which Chatha is wholeheartedly praised.

“I am amazed at the clarity of sound every day when I use my theater, whether it is a movie streamed on Netflix or played on my Kaleidescape Strato 4K Ultra HD player,” he says. “The midrange, vocals, and high ends are great. I now have by far the best sound I’ve ever heard in a theater. “

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