Artisan Express Launches Handyman ‘Home Services’ Platform for Finding Artisans

With the advent of on-demand platforms and the gig economy, technology is now an important link for service providers to reach customers quickly and efficiently.

On-demand applications have become increasingly popular in recent years as they help users save time, money, and effort. One of those apps in Artisan Express.

Launched in July 2021, Artisan Express is an on-demand mobile app that connects you with nearby, affordable, well-trained and certified craftsmen for personal and commercial needs.

Users can find artisans who do all kinds of household chores such as plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, air conditioning, painting, flooring and tiling, masonry, air conditioning installation and repair, pest control, and other general services.

Artisan Express App is currently increasing over 500 pre-checked craftsmen on the platform that were checked at launch and increasing the number of service providers on the platform every day.
When launching the platform, Ms. Joy Ofili-Yebovi, co-founder of Artisan Express said that we have spent the last 6 months selecting, reviewing and training craftsmen in Lagos with different skills and service offerings. Our app meets the needs of users who are not only looking for convenience, but also want to receive ordered services in a timely manner

At Artisan Express, we strive to use artisan services that can be made easy, reliable and affordable, from booking a professional to tracking progress to making electronic payments. We achieved this by bringing together a very experienced team of maintenance, commercial, marketing (both digital and traditional) and technology experts with extensive local and global experience.

Verified service providers and professionals in the app enjoy a number of advantages on artisan express, including improved income and income, health benefits, worker insurance protection, access to qualification training and certifications as well as financial opportunities such as loans and micro-pensions

“We work hard every day to improve the app and intend to add other features to the app in the next few months to significantly improve the user experience of booking, tracking and paying for more than 20 tradesman services, while also increasing security ensure and security of customer data, ” said Joy Ofili-Yebovi.

The Artisan Express app is available for users to download from the App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android devices.

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