Avoiding Appliance Disaster: 5 Tips to a Successful Holiday Season

Turkeys, Vegetables and Potatoes Oh my god!

Imagine: It’s 11:00 a.m. the day before Thanksgiving. You’ve buttered and stuffed your turkey, ready for the oven. With a quick flick of your wrist, turn your temperature dial to grill and wait for the soothing hiss of your oven as it slowly preheats; but nothing happened. No hissing … frantically inspect your oven to make sure it doesn’t heat up and requires service. To relax, open your freezer for some ice and THEN you will find that your freezer is not cooling! The world is collapsing and your vacation is ruined.

Follow these five tips to avoid such a disaster and maybe even save your Christmas party.

Image provided by Camden Property Trust

# 1 Get your oven checked and serviced early!

Just by living in a Camden community, you have unparalleled access to some of the most highly trained maintenance technicians in the industry. Organize a schedule to have your oven inspected and serviced by your community maintenance team at the start of the holiday season. This ensures that any problems are found and corrected, and parts can be ordered to repair the device if necessary. If a serious problem is found and it cannot be resolved, your Camden community will replace the device for free. If you wait and your oven is broken for your celebrations, you’re up a turkey stream without a baster.

# 2 DO NOT overpack your freezer

Another way to avoid vacation disasters is to avoid cluttering your freezer. This can happen when trying to cram a 16 pound turkey, frozen vegetables, ice cream, frozen cake crust, etc. into your freezer all at once. With no room to travel, the cold air in the freezer will freeze in the vent and break. If this happens it can involve a full replacement of your refrigerator and if this occurs in a day it is always a frustration. Be sure to neatly pack and organize your frozen goods in the freezer so that the cold air can flow freely through the vents.

# 3 things that should NOT be thrown away in the trash

Indeed, for those of you who may not know, garbage disposal is NOT something that can break anything on your plate. The main purpose of trash disposal is to ensure that any small trash is broken up and easily disposed of down the drain. The following list of items MUST NOT go down the drain:

– Hard things: – animal bones, pits, seeds, nutshells

– Rice, coffee grounds, oatmeal, pasta (foods that expand when in contact with water)

– Fat: – Oils, fats, meat fats

– Glass, plastic, metal or paper products

– Starchy or fibrous vegetables and fruit peels.

However, if you want to sharpen the blades of your disposal, leave a few ice cubes in and let the blades chop them into pieces. The ice is hard enough to sharpen the blade but soft enough not to damage it.

# 4 Properly water, treat, and dispose of your Christmas tree

If you’re like me, you MUST have a live tree in your Camden apartment for the holidays. There’s nothing wrong with an artificial tree, but the real tree, with its natural pine and bushy branches, is simply the best. However, this means that you will have to take care of your tree while it is in your home. Failure to water your tree or remove dried dead branches daily can spell disaster for your home. Dried branches and pine needles can easily catch fire if exposed to hot light for long periods of time. Once you receive your tree, make sure that you re-cut the soil and water it daily. When it is time to decorate your home, speak to your rental office to see if there is a designated place in the community for construction disposal. If not, google for a moving company in your area. Please do NOT throw your tree in the garbage cans in your shared apartment. DON’T BE THIS PERSON!

# 5 manage your trash (groceries, wrapping paper, other trash)

After all, we create as much junk as we create wonderful memories. Check with your leasing office to find out when the garbage will be picked up and if the service your community uses is absent on certain days. Separate bags for food, paper, and plastic can make garbage disposal much easier and faster. So you can have fun again! With these five tips you can avoid an almost certain vacation disaster. If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint, check out these tips for sustainable home cleaning products!* All photos courtesy of Camden Property Trust *

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