Barred owl found trapped in Massachusetts fireplace

BOLTON, Mass. (Gray News) – A Massachusetts homeowner found the surprise in a fireplace when a barred owl found its way down the chimney.

The Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife said the owl likely found its way down the chimney in a home in Bolton while looking for a cavity to nest in.

Unfortunately, the owl got stuck in the chimney and Todd Olanyk, Central District Manager of MassWildlife, carefully removed the bird from the house.

Todd Olanyk, Central District Manager of MassWildlife, rescued a barred owl from a chimney.(Marcus Scherer via MassWildlife)

The owl was checked for injuries before being released back into the wild.

State wildlife experts say restrained owls may find tempting chimneys this time of year as they lay eggs from February to May. Since they don’t build their own nests, they look for cavities.

MassWildlife has received similar reports that this is the case with other birds such as kestrels and mergansers.

The state recommends homeowners put a metal cap with a screen on their chimneys to keep wild animals from getting into chimneys.

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