Barred Owl Gets Stuck In Fireplace After Going Down Chimney – CBS San Francisco

BOLTON (CBS) – A barred owl stuck in the fireplace of a house needed help from the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife earlier this month. The owl likely found its way down the chimney and couldn’t escape, a Facebook post from Mass said. Wildlife.

“Fortunately, our central district manager Todd Olanyk was able to help by carefully removing the owl from the chimney and examining it for injuries before taking it outside, where it flew quickly,” the post said.

The department believes the owl climbed the chimney because the bird tends to lay its eggs in an existing burrow rather than building a nest. From February to May, barred owls will look for a hollow tree or a hawk or squirrel’s nest to use as their own.

A barred owl stuck in a chimney in Bolton (Photo via Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Facebook)

They also recommend homeowners put a metal cap with a screen on chimneys to prevent wildlife from entering.

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