Biden continues to build his cabinet as Trump attempts last-ditch effort to overturn election

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Qatar, a deal brokered by Kushner between Saudi Arabia, is receiving lukewarm reviews from analysts

After months of haggling, Jared Kushner appears to have helped the Trump administration achieve a “last minute success” in the form of a brokered agreement between Qatar and a Saudi Arabia-led bloc of regional partners including Bahrain, Egypt and the United States to secure United Arab Emirates. The deal, which will be signed on Tuesday, calls for Saudi Arabia to reopen its land border with Qatar, while Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates open their airspace and waters for transit to Qatar. In return, Qatar is expected to seek “more open engagement” with its neighbors. But analysts and stakeholders aren’t sure if things will really cool off. A senior diplomat from one of the Gulf states reportedly described the pact as a “step in the right direction” but suggested the “root causes” of the long-standing divide between the sides are “still there.”> 14 “Some of the problems have been resolved , but the main causes of the gap – poor personal relationships between the leaders and large political differences in relation to Iran, Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood are still there, “the diplomat told me about the Saudi-Qatar deal >> – Barak Ravid (@BarakRavid) January 4, 2021 In the Washington Examiner, Tom Rogan also writes, “This deal can be a détente. But it shouldn’t be seen as a restoration of.” formal alliances. He argues that Saudi Arabia will “continue to be angry” over Doha’s relationship with Iran, its financial support for Islamist movements and its “silent alliance with Turkey.” Ultimately, the deal could be an allusion to the Trump administration an attempt to start over with the Biden administration. Tim O’Donnell> 3 Why it matters: Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been under pressure from the Trump administration to sign the deal, and both countries see signing the deal as a gesture to Trump and also as part of their efforts to “clean the table” and prepare for the incoming Biden administration >> – Barak Ravid (@BarakRavid) Jan 4, 2021More Stories from the Colbert’s Late Show turns Trump’s Georgia Campaign in a Stevie Wonder Hit Hawley and Cruz: How to Lie Without Lying Kelly Loeffler says she will object to Biden’s win with fellow GOP colleagues. David Perdue can n just watch.

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