Build An Uber Like Handyman App For Your Business!!

Take Business On Demand with the Idea of ​​the Uber For Home Services App. People need a skilled handyman to provide the services they need. The application will connect the skilled handyman to tackle home services.

Build a powerful artisan application with the essential features to generate the revenue for your online business. The best craftsman application is developed by us to solve the problem for the businessman.

How to create an Uber For Handyman app

The problem people face should be known when the businessman is planning to launch an Uber-like handyman app.

How does the Uber For Handyman app work?

Allow artisans to be found nearby

The application allows users to find a handyman nearby who can do the services quickly. Users can connect different craftsmen such as electricians, plumbers, cleaners, etc.

A single app helps users have multiple services.

Different prices for services

The different services apply in the application with different prices for different services. The service-based details such as price estimate, service charge and cancellation of charges are displayed quickly.

Payment Methods

It is required to have multiple payment gateways in order for people to pay for the services. People will use the different platforms for payment. It is mandatory to keep the wallet, PayPal, debit and credit card services, as well as cash on delivery. Trusted payment gateways must be included.

Plan booking

The application supports appointment booking for the working professionals to schedule the services as soon as they are available.

Live tracking

Users of the Handyman app must be allowed to track the location of the providers of Handyman app services in Google Maps. It helps clear up any misunderstandings and helps users know the real-time location of the craftsman service providers.

Advantages of the Handyman app

  • The app offers real-time jobs.
  • Providers can work on their schedule and however they want
  • Providers can get paid for their service quickly.
  • This on-demand service is licensed, bound and insured for all work performed
  • This application makes use of location-based services that the user can get to know with the help of live tracking.
  • Access trusted local taskers
  • Chat with Handyman in the app
  • Make secure payments in the app
  • Contact support via email, chat, and phone

Develop an app that solves users’ problems and makes their lives easier. As a leading on-demand app development company, GoferHandy is the best on-demand craftsman app available on both iPhone and Android platforms. We deliver scalable solutions for the development of web and mobile apps for customers.

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