Business Spotlight: Affordable Handyman Service | Coronavirus

Mario Carta specializes in small household repairs that are big business for homeowners.

“I had a lot of rentals in the South Florida area of ​​Miami and there was no way I could hire people to take care of whatever I had to do,” said Carta, who co-owns and operates Affordable Handyman Service with his wife, Alina .

“After working with my father years ago – he was a master bricklayer – I learned a number of different trades, and after doing it for myself people said, ‘Could you do this for me? Could you do this for me ‘and it turned into a business, ”Carta said.

He and Alina have worked as a team in Citrus County for the past 17 years, doing home repairs from carpentry and plumbing to painting, lock repairs, gutter cleaning, and everything in between.

“We do the things that contractors don’t want to do because they’re too small,” he said.

When the coronavirus first hit Florida and many stores closed when more people stayed home, Carta said its service requests had actually increased.

“They were home looking for things they should have done and calling us,” he said.

He said the hardest part of that time had been finding the parts and materials he needed for jobs as stores had trouble keeping their shelves in stock.

That and not shaking hands with people.

“That was hard because I’m a handshaker, but we’re doing what we have to do to protect ourselves and others,” he said. “I’m just telling people it’s not personal and they understand.”

Of all of his jobs, Carta said his favorite has worked on shy ponds so far.

“I love to design and install them,” he said.

Contact Mario Carta / Affordable Handyman Service at 352-257-9508 or email [email protected]

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