Business Spotlight: Appliance repair business offers customized care during pandemic | Local News

Many businesses continue to struggle as the coronavirus pandemic hits Florida and Citrus Counties.

Roger Channell, owner of Honest Appliance Repair, is no exception.

Prior to the virus, the 65-year-old mechanic with 33 years of experience repairing equipment received at least half a dozen calls a day from customers with broken ovens, washing machines or dishwashers. Now he’s lucky if he gets one or two.

Channell runs the business from home and is the only employee.

He wants potential customers to know that he is taking extensive safety precautions due to the virus, including repeated hand washing and wearing a mask, regardless of whether his customers ask him.

Since he is a one-man business and his wife is unemployed after losing her job, Channell believes he can better identify with his customers, who are also on a tight budget.

“I can offer personal service and care,” he told Chronicle, which offers local businesses free advertising to get their news out. “I’m a consumer too, and I don’t want to be hollowed out either.”

He said he speaks to and can identify with customers who are economically injured as a result of the virus.

“A lot of people have lost their jobs and I appreciate that. Lots of people hurt. It really pulls your heart, ”he said.

“I like to think that I’m a little more compassionate. I care about my customers, ”he said.

As a result, Channell said he often tries to work with customers to make repairs that can’t wait and hold back those who can.

And if the device breaks again due to some bug or malfunction, he’ll come back and fix it for free, he said.

Additionally, Channell tries to circumvent the client’s work schedule, which often means they arrive well beyond normal working hours. But he said he was ready to do so, given the financial troubles his clients are struggling with to make ends meet.

He also doesn’t want his customers to get sick or risk passing the virus on if he is ever infected with the virus.

“I really care about my customers,” he said.

  • Company name: Honest Appliance Repair
  • Address: The owner works from home
  • Contact: Call 352-201-4675 and email [email protected]

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