Business Spotlight: Charika’s Appliance Repair: ‘We have a large and loyal customer base that we serve’ | Coronavirus

Even during a pandemic like COVID-19, refrigerators and washing machines still need to be repaired.

With business as we know it taking a hit in the past two months due to the coronavirus, appliance repair companies like Charika’s Appliance Repair in Inverness have had to change the way they interact with their customers.

Her business brings her to people’s homes, said Erika Ledoux, co-owner of the business with her husband Charlie.

They opened the business six years ago after moving to Citrus County from Massachusetts, where Charlie had been in the industry for more than 20 years.

“When the (pandemic) started, ours is an essential business because we work with refrigeration. But at first I didn’t feel comfortable when he went into people’s houses, so we closed for a couple of weeks, ”she said.

However, customers continued to demand service and decided to get back to work.

“Now when Charlie is on the phone, he wears a mask and uses disposable gloves that are thrown away after every device repair,” she said.

He also has hand sanitizer in his truck and uses it regularly.

“Also, we always ask people if someone in the house is sick or was sick, if they were out of the country, and we tell them we haven’t gone anywhere either,” she said.

“The biggest challenge is making sure we can help our customers while keeping everyone safe – including paying the bills!” She said.

One of her biggest requirements is that of another technician so that two instead of just Charlie are on the road.

“We have a large and loyal customer base that we serve,” she said, adding that they have run help search ads but have not yet found anyone reliable.

“If you’re an equipment technician looking for a job, give us a call,” she said.

Charles and Erika Ledoux and Ambassadors for the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce.

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