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Daniel McAbee says he started his cellular business after disappointment in his own search for a mechanic

• How did this business start? Daniel McAbee, the owner of Southeastern Appliance Repair in Fayetteville, specializes in helping people with their device problems. He knows how to fix things and isn’t the type to pull away from a challenging fix.

“I got into this business because my freezer broke and all of the ice I had in it melted,” said McAbee. He did what most of us do when something breaks – he called around to find a mechanic to help him. “Everyone I called wanted $ 100 to look at,” he said, and that didn’t include the cost of repairs.

Instead of hiring a repair person, he decided to fix the freezer himself, or at least try it out. The repair was successful, costing him only $ 30 and a trip to Cashwell Appliance Parts in Fayetteville, he said. The inspiration from that experience took longer than the repair, he said.

Eventually McAbee became a licensed and insured appliance repair specialist and started Southeastern Appliance Repair as a home appliance repair company five years ago in 2014. Shelia Dennehy is the company’s office manager.

“We fix most of the major branded equipment,” he said. “Every time we work on a job, we do our best work because we believe our customers deserve it.”

• Why did you choose this business? “As a young man, McAbee learned how to fix things from his grandfather, and he was in construction in his 20s,” Dennehy said. “He was doing general-purpose repairs by 2013. He had so much repair work on home appliances that he decided to specialize in major home appliance repairs.”

• How has the business grown or changed? As the business grew, McAbee said he could add a utility vehicle to his inventory and hired an office manager.

• What is unique about the business? “Daniel has an eye for detail,” said Dennehy, “and good customer service is our top priority. We’re in service, not sales, and with a mobile company we can come to your home to do the repairs. “

“People usually want to know whether to fix or replace something. After inspecting the device, we give customers an honest assessment of what it takes to fix it, ”she said.

• When is it the busiest? “During the week it is busiest Monday through Wednesday,” said Dennehy, “then it slows down a little on Thursday and Friday.” She said they are busiest after a bad weather event or storm due to power outages and flooding. “It’s also busy about tax time,” she said. “In the summer we repair a lot of fridges and freezers and in the winter we are busy repairing dryers. The washing machines and dishwashers keep us busy all year round, ”she said.

• What is your favorite service or product? “The washing machine and refrigerator repair service are the most popular, especially when it comes to repairing ice machines and water dispensers,” she said.

• Who are key workers? Shelia Dennehy started working part-time in 2017 as an office manager. She now works full time in the office supporting customers, making appointments and ordering parts for repairs, McAbee said.

• Do you have a business motto? McAbee said, “Our motto is: do a good job at a fair price.”

• What is your vision for the future of the company? “We are currently planning to maintain our current growth rate,” said Dennehy. “After all, we may be hiring more employees and possibly even opening a stationary location in the future.”

• What’s the best part in running this business? McAbee said he enjoyed the freedom to own his own business. “I am free to make the choices I want to make,” he said.

• What is the biggest challenge? “We’re a mobile home device service provider and trying to make everyone happy is sometimes a challenge as a business owner,” he said. “We want all of our customers to be happy.”

• What else do you want people to know? Business hours are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The general service area includes Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Spring Lake and the surrounding areas. “We’re not working on the grassroots,” said McAbee.

“There is a 10% service discount for the military and teachers,” he said. “Labor is billed by the job with a service call fee of $ 59.95 that is counted toward labor,” he said.

For more information, call 910-551-7185 or visit Southeastern Appliance Repair on Facebook.

Alison Minard

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