Cabinet has several scripts drafted for heating season

In view of the ongoing energy crisis, the Cabinet of Ministers has prepared several scenarios that will ensure a stable heating season.

The Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, who spoke at a government meeting on Wednesday, said a correspondent from Ukrinform.

“Gas prices in Europe have hit an all-time high, while coal prices are three times what they were last year. So let’s face it, we are facing a difficult autumn-winter period, but the government has prepared several scenarios for us to get through smoothly” said the head of government.

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Shmyhal says nuclear generation will ensure uninterrupted central heating supplies. At the same time, the Cabinet of Ministers coordinates the process of promoting coal procurement, while the Ministry of Energy coordinates the increase in internal production.

Shmyhal stressed the government’s duty to provide sufficient amounts of energy resources to ensure stable heating across the country. He also pointed out that central heating tariffs for households would remain unchanged throughout the season.

By November 3, around 18.1 billion cubic meters of gas had been accumulated in Ukraine’s underground gas storage facilities, and almost 800 million cubic meters have been pumped out since the beginning of October.

Photo: Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

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