California Integrator Creates Dazzling Mediterranean-Themed, Dolby Atmos Powered Home Theater

The home theater includes 28 Meyer Sound speakers and subwoofers to deliver lifelike sound to the entire audience.

When Keith Yates Design (KYD) came across a prospect with a passion for movies and concert videos, as well as a taste for everything Mediterranean, he decided to take inspiration from the surrounding Northern California landscape to create a truly unique one . A unique home theater room that earned his company the Mark of Excellence Award for Home Theater / Media Room of the Year in 2021.

Due to his client’s alleged love of film and a desire to entertain guests several times a year, Yates decided that the addition of a dedicated theater complex, accessible from both the inside and the outdoor entertainment area of ​​the house, would be the perfect solution.

Based on his shared taste for Mediterranean design and his annual trips to Italy, Yates initially designed an 18-seat theater with an area of ​​around 850 square meters, which was not based on the sharp-edged aircraft that could be seen in the directors’ projection rooms It was influenced by mountain villas in northern Italy with their rhythmically arranged chestnut columns, arches, plinths and friezes. The customer loved the design, so KYD started planning the AV system.

In the end, Yates’ final design was 28 Meyer Sound professional-grade speakers and subwoofers, inspired by the customer’s social / business circles, which include tech-savvy employees at Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Ranch campus nearby, which has many rooms , from the stag theater to small editing suites, recently updated to Meyer Sound.

This choice increased customer confidence that even the most discerning guests would be amazed to experience Skywalker sound in residential areas. KYD chose a range of speakers that include three Acheron Designer active LCRs, three X400-C LCR active subwoofers, two dual 24 LFE main subwoofers built into custom chambers in the baffle, 10 HMS -5 side borders plus two more in the back and 10 additional HMS-5 speakers in the ceiling.

Trinnov Audio and Dolby Atmos enhance home theater performance

At the heart of the AV system is a powerful Trinnov Altitude 32-Pre-Pro that decodes Dolby Atmos and other immersive formats in software, not hardware, and provides a clean, fast, and free path to download and update. A SpeakerPower SP2-12000 power amplifier delivers 2 × 6000 watts.

On the video side, Yates chose a Sony VPL-VW5000ES to transfer images to a 4-way Ultra Mat 130 Microperf 192 x 90 inch screen wall from Stewart Filmscreen.

Chalet home cinema simplified thanks to Pro Control

To aid lighting and control, Crestron automation and Lutron lighting were implemented. Family and guests can relax in 12 Cineak Fortuny theater chairs or six leather armchairs at Hancock & Moore Station.

General contractor Martin Diego from Diego Brothers Construction, AV and control integrator Geoff Franklin from The Projection Room and mill manufacturer Charlie Feist from Feist Cabinets supported the extensive KYD project.

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