Cape Coral couple battles retailer for replacement appliance

CAPE CORAL, FLA – The Mathers in Cape Coral have been living on a mini fridge and cool box for months.

“I need to be refrigerated because my husband is sick and I must have refrigerated his medication,” said Marjorie “Marge” Mather.

That comes after her Sears refrigerator got on her nerves.

“I had a lot of problems with them,” she said.

The “she” she refers to is Sears.

We first met Marge in December 2020 after trying to get Sears and its warranty company to fix her broken stove.

“You order the wrong part and I wait and wait for weeks,” she said to FOX 4.

FOX 4 got involved back then to help her get answers. But she says she has the same issues with this latest device.

“Guarantees are next to nothing today,” she said.

After FOX 4 got in touch this time, Sears released the following statement and offered to give her a good $ 2,700 to get a new refrigerator:

“At Sears, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. The same day we discovered that Ms. Mather’s refrigerator could not be repaired due to the unavailability of parts, we gave her the authorized credit to which she was entitled under her Framework Protection Agreement. She then selected her replacement and delivery is scheduled for July 31st. We appreciate that she is a Sears customer. “

When the new refrigerator didn’t arrive on July 31st, FOX 4 contacted them again last week and sent us a statement promising to deliver the unit by Monday:

“At Sears, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We regret the delay caused by global supply problems in the industry for our manufacturer. The next provisional delivery date is now Monday, August 16th. Our service team has spoken to Ms. Mathers, who has agreed to expect delivery on Monday, and if the manufacturer cannot meet its promised delivery date, Sears is ready to offer Ms. Mathers other options to meet her satisfaction. We appreciate your patience. Sears prides itself on the trust that millions of Americans have in their repair and coverage needs, and we take that trust seriously. “

“These people took my heart and soul. They only make you cry because they don’t listen to you and they don’t care,” said Mather.

Well Monday came and went and they dropped a refrigerator, but Marge says it had damaged doors.

She sent it back and tells FOX 4 that she bought a new refrigerator from another company.

As of now, she asks Sears to pay her a check for the cost of this new refrigerator, and hopes to move on after that.

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