Cape Coral family impacted by Chinese drywall

CAPE CORAL, Florida – New developments as another Cape Coral family has been hit by toxic Chinese drywall.

Chinese drywall was used in an estimated 100,000 homes built between 2001 and 2009, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

It has been reported to cause damage to plumbing and electrical systems, as well as headaches and breathing problems in humans.

A Cape Coral family of four says there were some signs they didn’t miss when they bought their first home in June 2018.

Soon after the purchase, things got worse when the house was found to be infested with toxic Chinese drywall.

“That’s why he (the seller) bought it for $ 126,000 so cheaply and we bought it for $ 209,000,” said homeowner Jaime Borroto.

The family says repairs will cost them more than $ 100,000.

“The lawyer said there was nothing they could do, the title company couldn’t do anything, the bank … the brokers they hadn’t responded to,” said Jaime Borroto.

They couldn’t live in their house and had to rent.

The family is now responsible for their mortgage, rent, legal fees, and other bills.

They say it turned out to be something they could never have imagined.

“Rent, mortgage, legal fees. Almost every month I have bills and almost $ 5,000, that’s just legal fees, ”said Jaime Borroto.

The family started a Go-Fund-Me page to help settle legal fees and home repairs.

In retrospect, they give some tips for first-time buyers.

“People have to be careful, people have to be more aware,” said homeowner Milena Grajales.

You should examine all devices and walls for rust or mold, beware of toxic smells and hire your own inspector.

“This is a nightmare and nobody wants to help us,” said Milena Grajales.

Real estate company Bohio Realty has refused to comment on the matter.

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