Climate Cabinet Action Fund Announces “The Climate Cabinet 40”

The climate cabinet 40

“The most important question potential donors ask us is where their donation has the greatest impact. We created The Climate Cabinet 40 to help everyone identify the races where their contributions can make the most difference. “

The Climate Cabinet Action Fund, a group that helps candidates tackle the climate crisis, enlist and legislate, is announcing its first annual climate cabinet 40. These 40 state legislative races in 10 major battlefield states (Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, U.S. Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin) are the country’s most ardent proponents and opponents of fighting climate change.

The announcement is accompanied by the launch of the Climate Cabinet Score Database. This database contains a 100-point score that reflects the climate and environmental billing results for each sedentary legislature in the 10 battlefield states.

“The most important question potential donors ask us is where their donation will have the most impact,” said Caroline Spears, executive director of the Cabinet Cabinet Action Fund. “We created Climate Cabinet 40 to help everyone identify the races where their contributions can make the most difference.”

To view the Climate Cabinet 40 list, access the full database, and more information, visit:

Local races, big impact

While discussions on climate change tend to focus on political decisions made at the national level, much of the decision-making power rests with state lawmakers. It is these governing bodies that call for the most critical climate-related decisions, including carbon pollution, illegal air emissions, increasing renewables, clean cars and environmental justice.

These state races offer every citizen the opportunity to substantially support climate-friendly candidates because of their smaller scope. For example, a highly competitive state house race may cost as little as $ 75,000 compared to larger federal races that often require millions in contributions. That means a few hundred donations of $ 20 to support low-carbon lawmakers at the state level go further than federal and national elections.

The climate cabinet 40

To determine which races could have the greatest impact, the Climate Cabinet Action Fund compiled a list of over 1,500 lawmakers in 10 major battlefield states. We have analyzed climate change-related voting data in recent legislatures to assign each incumbent a Climate Cabinet Score, and overlaid those scores with each incumbent’s political vulnerability.

By combining this data with the Climate Cabinet Score, the Climate Cabinet Action Fund was able to identify the top 40 legislative races in the state with the highest stakes for the climate. Half of them are climate champions who have received a perfect Climate Cabinet Score. These 20 officials need support from the climate change community as they face tough re-election campaigns. The other half of the list are the biggest climate change obstructionists, who we have identified as the worst for the nation’s climate.

Climate Cabinet Score Database

The climate cabinet makes its database of voting documents of the state parliament available to the public. The wealth of information enables journalists, PACs and others to carry out detailed analyzes of the voting documents of individual legislators and states.

About the Climate Cabinet Action Fund

The Climate Cabinet Action Fund aims to help candidates cope with the climate crisis, win and legislate. America faces record-breaking hurricanes and fires – but also the opportunity to create millions of jobs in clean energy to solve this existential threat. We have no time to waste – every elected official should have a plan to resolve climate change the day they take office. We’ll help you create one.

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