Climate change threatens National Trust fireplace as Victorian drainage overwhelmed by wet winters

The National Trust has spent £ 100,000 repairing a 10-ton marble fireplace that collapsed due to water damage caused by climate change, and warns that modern wet winters will overwhelm Victorian drains.

Owned by 19th century industrialist Lord William Armstrong, Cragside was the first house to be lit with water power. Now water is spreading like a “disease” on the property.

Heavy rains caused by climate change caused the harmful spills at the Northumberland site, according to the National Trust, as Victorian gutters cannot handle the winters of the 21st century.

This rainfall threatens to crumble a three meter wide chimney that was completed to impress the future King Edward VII on a royal visit, and the Trust had to spend £ 100,000 to maintain the structure that water penetrated into the marble was weakened.

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