Colder air spurs calls for fireplace, furnace services

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Colder air settled in the subway this week, but it won’t stay too long. However, experts say it is a good reminder that now is the time to prepare for the colder months, and that includes getting fireplaces and stoves checked and serviced.

Greg Miller says the phones at his store, Greg’s Fireplace Service, rang on Tuesday when Omaha’s high temperature was only slated to reach 53 degrees. Miller expects a total of nearly 100 calls for the day.

“The first cold front is definitely the big surge in calls,” he said.

With many of these calls, customers schedule their annual fireplace security inspection. Miller says this is the most important thing before starting your own for the first time in months. If the safety inspection is not carried out, there may be consequences.

“If we come out and check them out, we’ll know very quickly that they’re in good condition and safe,” Miller said. “We want to prevent house fires and the resulting injuries.”

Miller says there are red flags to look out for: excessive soot on the glass or logs, animals or nests in the chimney or fireplace, and if the fireplace doesn’t turn on right away. If you encounter any of these issues, Miller suggests that instead of trying to service it yourself, leaving the heavy lifting to the experts.

“It is quite a technical task to properly maintain a fireplace,” he said. “When we come out and do an inspection and a service, we completely disassemble it and take out the logs and burner and everything and the service and the pilot and the burner and we test all the fittings for gas leaks and check the vent and operation”, said Miller.

Homeowners can do some of the basic maintenance like cleaning the glass. Miller also suggests that all fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms in the home work.

The colder air created a similar narrative for the heating and cooling business.

“When the temperature changes a lot, there are always some calls,” said Gunnar Guenette, Marketing Manager at Getzschmans.

Guenette says when it comes to your oven and the colder months it is better to get it checked early.

“As soon as it gets really cold, there are so many calls that it is difficult to reach people as quickly as we want,” he said. “If you’re one step ahead of the curve, have these things checked out before the big rush to make sure you aren’t stuck without heat on a really cold night.”

A biannual vote is usually recommended when experts change the filter, check the system’s airflow, and make sure it is working properly. According to Guenette, without proper maintenance, safety issues can arise and the efficiency of the device can decrease dramatically.

“Most people in Nebraska have gas heat,” he said. “The main thing is to make sure that the equipment is properly cleaned in the fall to prevent a fire, on the one hand, and to make sure the system is efficient enough to make sure it is working properly and keeping your utility bills running, on the other in the right area. “

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