Cool Tools: An Easier Way to Repair and Finish Drywall


Drywall taping has always been a notoriously messy, inaccurate endeavor. In the past, regardless of the size of the job, this repair and construction usually involved buying large quantities of drywall mud (and possibly mixing it with water using a drill and paddle drill), scooping the thick paste into a pan, and smearing it with it a joint knife on the wall. Almost as much mud has accumulated on your clothes, your floor and your tools as it has on the wall! Fortunately, a new tool on the market aims to bring drywall work and repairs to a professional level. With the revolutionary MudGun kit for small repairs from Hyde Tools, discover an ingenious new method to tackle your next drywall project with greater success and less effort.

The MudGun itself should be familiar to handy homeowners as it resembles and functions similarly to a cartridge gun. Squeeze the trigger of the gun, and drywall sludge will be released from the tip. A controlled speed and precise applicator delivers exactly the amount of mud you need, exactly where you want it. The multiple nozzles and a finishing head ensure consistent results. You no longer have to scoop too much or too little compound out of the pan and you don’t have to quickly smear it on the wall before it slips off your taping knife. The best? Stop worrying about signs of your drywall repair showing through a coat of paint.

Waste less sludge – and less time
Prior to the MudGun, do-it-yourselfers often whipped up more mud than they needed to get the right mix to water ratio, or bought larger amounts of premixed mud than actually needed to prevent leakage at work. Not so with this new sludge dispensing design. Practical pipes made of drywall compound, called MudPaks, are premixed to the perfect consistency so that they can be glued directly into the cylindrical body of the MudGun before and even during an application. If you apply the mud to wall joints, the MudPak will collapse in the cylinder. Are you out of contact for a job? Just open the MudGun, remove the used tube and insert a new one without wasting a minute. As simple as that! A single MudPak covers up to 20 feet – often everything you need for a small wall repair – and is sold in six-tube cases. When the job is done, simply wipe the MudGun parts with clean water.

Finally an easier way to glue drywall


Get professional results
With the MudGun for minor repairs, you can do everything professional tapers do – just with much more accuracy than a typical home improvement job. The two special embedding nozzles included in the kit and a finishing head do most of the work while you keep pumping the trigger. With the flat joint nozzle you can distribute a continuous bead of mud over drywall joints when embedding drywall paper tape. The kit also includes a 6-inch tape knife for smoothing burrs or removing excess mud before it dries. Switch to an inner corner nozzle and corner glue tool to create sharp corners where walls or walls meet a ceiling – a task that can be a headache with traditional tape methods. When it comes to applying an even amount of mud to the inside corners and smoothing it out, a flat taping knife just can’t be compared to the precision of the MudGun.

Once you’ve put a few coats of drywall compound on a joint, waited for it to dry, and sanded it smooth, the real test of successful tape job is applying a perfect top coat of mud to a joint. This is where the MudGun really excels. Prior to the MudGun, the topcoat had to be applied by hand, which proved difficult for anyone who hadn’t taped walls in years. Now the MudGun will do the fine-tuning for you. If you just squeeze the trigger lightly and slowly but firmly move the finishing head over the joint, you will get an even, ultra-thin topcoat. Once completely dry, the smoothed wall only needs a little sanding before it can be given a flawless new look with paint or wallpaper. has both the MudGun for small repairs ($ 87.25) and the MudPaks ($ 4.89 for a case of six).

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