COVID pandemic delays appliance repairs for some Sears customers

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) – The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting supply and demand for both new devices and repairs and parts for those devices.

Frustrated homeowner Tearria Beck-Scott is one of many who reported long waits to ABC11 troubleshooter Diane Wilson. The refrigerator she bought from Sears is less than two years old but has already stopped working.

“The inside of the unit was just as hot as the outside,” said Beck-Scott. The refrigerator is still under Sears warranty, and a technician came to her home to look at it.

Beck-Scott said the tech told her, “I already know what’s wrong with this – your motherboard is dying in your fridge.”

The part was ordered, but two months later it still hasn’t arrived. Beck-Scott’s mother stepped in and said a Sears representative told her the part would need to be reordered and Beck-Scott would have to wait longer for the repair. They didn’t want to wait any longer for a working refrigerator and asked for help.

“It just gets ridiculous because every person keeps saying they have the best guarantee, but no one is ready to fix the problem,” said Beck-Scott’s mother.

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Wilson reached out to Sears, and Sears told Beck-Scott and her mother that this year will be a major refrigeration challenge as the pandemic has slowed many parts and production.

You blame COVID, but COVID isn’t the end of all. If there is a supply and demand problem, just say there is a supply and demand problem, “said Beck-Scott’s mother.

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The good news is that Beck-Scott no longer has to wait for the part. Instead, Sears authorized them to select a brand new refrigerator that came and worked great. A Sears representative said, “She has been a loyal Sears customer and we look forward to continuing to provide her with excellent service.”

Beck-Scott is very excited about a new working refrigerator.

Troubleshooting Diane Wilson helped several other Sears customers with similar issues, and Sears did the right thing and resolved them. A company representative said, “At Sears, member satisfaction is our top priority.”

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