Create an Amazing Home Theater with the Help of a DIY TV Lift

Has a home theater been your dream for a long time but you think you don’t have enough space for it? Forget such excuses! Now you can either buy a TV lift and install your home theater in a location you want, or you can make your own lift system. The first option could cost quite a bit. But when you have the money you need and you’ve found a system that you like, why not?

If you want to save some money or prefer something more individual, the best option is to build a DIY TV elevator for your interior. You need to buy a lifting system here and any other items that you can make yourself.

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Where can you install the new home theater?

We believe you already know where you want your new home theater to be. If in doubt, we can suggest some ideas.

If you’re planning on getting a fireplace, it’s a good idea to check out one with a slot for a TV. Modern options even have a socket for such purposes. Check that the slot size is big enough for your home theater and the problem will be resolved. It looks modern and stylish. If you have a fireplace and plan to install the screen in or behind it, this idea is not the best. If the fireplace is not designed for use with a television, the impact on your television can be devastating. Drastic changes in temperature and humidity will shorten the life of the item and generally degrade the experience.

Do you have an old dresser that needs to be thrown away but is being kept for some reason? You can use it to install your home theater there!

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Make a real closet

While the idea with a fireplace is clear: everything is already installed there, you can opt for a dresser.

  • Remove any drawers, if any, to build a beautiful TV cabinet. Done? Now remove the underlay. If you decide to use it later, try not to break it.
  • With a pencil, mark the length and width of the TV on the cabinet deck. You’ll need to make an opening there so that the screen fades in and out. Cut out the slot. The piece you got is now supposed to be attached to the deck with hinges. In a closed position, the slot must be closed if the screen is hidden. You might consider padding the piece. Doing this will quietly close it instead of falling onto the TV when the screen is lowered.
  • Make a wooden box for the screen. Secure it under the slot. Your TV screen will live there. Don’t forget the opening for the TV lifting mechanism.
  • Remove the front of the drawers and secure them to the cabinet with double-sided tape.

Now the cabinet for your new home theater is ready. You can move on to the TV lift part.

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Correctly choose a TV lifting system

First of all, you need to choose a TV elevator. You can do it too, but you need good skills, specialized tools, and a solid understanding of the technology. If you are not experienced with such things, your TV lift can collapse and destroy your TV screen and all equipment.

  • The first crucial feature is therefore the TV lifting capacity. It must support the weight of your TV screen and equipment, if any. Keep in mind that it should be supported in motion, not just when the installation is static. So it is not enough just to weigh the installation. There is a special formula for calculating the weight a TV lift can carry. This takes into account the actual weight of the device, where the actuator is installed and all other critical factors.
  • The line length determines the distance at which your cinema screen is moved. Measure it correctly if you don’t want the screen to appear partially or float above the desk instead of resting on it.
  • If the TV elevator is intended for indoor use, it must work silently. Choose the one that doesn’t generate noise. That little detail can spoil the whole experience if you have to hear unpleasant noises every time you want to watch a movie.

If the TV elevator is hidden in the dresser, its design may not be critical. If you want, you can choose the most beautiful one.

Now it’s time to install the theater!

Once you are done with all the preparations, you can fix the items. Attach the TV lift to the back wall of the dresser. If you feel that it is not sturdy enough (in most cases it cannot support the weight of a large screen and the weight of the lifting system) then consider reinforcing it. You can mount a metal or wooden pole on the back and attach the application to the pole.

The TV lift is supplied with special brackets for the screen. Mount the screen on the supports and secure it. Otherwise, if you get it right, it could fall down and be damaged.

Wiring is another problem. In your case, you can just leave it hidden in the dresser. Secure them with special cable clips to avoid tangles. If you want, you can hire an electrician to hide them completely. However, we believe that in fact it is not when you need to. The main thing is to avoid interference with the moving screen and tangles.

You can install the cable box anywhere in the dresser. Just make sure nothing is disturbed.

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Test the installation and enjoy!

Finally, you can test the installation. Check that the screen appears properly and fades out smoothly. Again, make sure everything is installed firmly enough. Make the final settings if necessary. After that, your home theater can be used. Invite your close people and enjoy! It can also be a good idea to invest in a hifi audio system like the one you see in Hifi Shark.

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