Dealer Audio Advice Launches Home Theater Designer Tool

Audio Advice, a North Carolina-based AV, custom installation and e-commerce specialist, has announced its new, free online home theater design tool called Home Theater Designer.

According to Audio Advice, the 3D interactive design tool was developed using advanced algorithms that allow users to create system designs and answer questions about a 3D rendering of their space that works in real time.

“This tool for the home theater designer is one of the biggest breakthroughs for home theater enthusiasts, streaming TV fans, entertainment and gaming fans, and ordinary families who don’t know exactly how to get the sound quality for home theater. Boasted Tommy Jacobs, Vice President of Sales at Klipsch.

“Audio Advice is known for its audio and home theater know-how and offers full experience in this extraordinary tool.”

The Home Theater Design Tool provides guidance on placement

Integrators, consumers, and others can use the online design tool as a guide to help design their homes and maximize the home theater experience.

The tool allows users to set their room dimensions and then answer questions about the number of seats in the room as well as the placement of the seats. whether a system has a television or projection system and speaker configurations.

Audio Advice indicates that the system will use the information entered by the users and calculate the system recommendations in real time.

The introduction of the theater design tool coincides with the introduction of other tools, including purchasing guides, theater galleries, and other learning tools from Audio Advice.

“People need resources to design their entertainment setups. The popularity of DIY home design software gives everyday people the opportunity to take on projects for themselves. The magic of this tool is that when you are comfortable with your report, you can take over your installation. If you need additional help, our service team can guide you through deeper solutions. If you’d like to drop it off for a full installation, we can do that too, ”added Scott Newman, CEO of Audio Advice.

“It’s a great way to connect with consumers, but it’s also a tool that other companies and manufacturers can use with their clients or interior designers with homeowners. We created this to save time and provide help. Because of this, after over a year of designing and building the tool, we decided to make it free. In a year of shortage of gifts, this is our gift to anyone looking to discover a better home entertainment experience. ”

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