Des Moines appliance repair contractor faces forgery charge, lawsuits

A former Des Moines contractor who moved out of the state last month after several customers alleged he took their money without performing promised repairs to equipment is on trial in two Iowa counties.

Tyler Stache, 23, owner of Stache and Sons Appliance Repair and Delta Des Moines Appliance Repair, was arrested on March 17th by Polk County law enforcement agencies for falsifying crimes. Former customer Kathleen Bowers claimed he forged her signature on a contract she never signed.

Watchdog previously falsely reported that Stache’s arrest was related to another case.

In Polk County, former customer Chris Jones won a $ 4,076 judgment against Stache. his wife Emma Ziegler; and their business on March 31st.

Also in Polk, clients David and Kathy Bowers and Pam Hatfield won separate civil judgments against Stache, Ziegler and their company after Stache and Ziegler did not go to court in the past month.

Stache has failed to respond to another civil lawsuit filed by former Polk County customer Hilde DeBruyne. The lawsuit alleged he stole $ 1,728 from her while claiming he was fixing her oven and forged her signature on a contract.

In emails to Watchdog, he said that the allegations against him were false, that he had the cases against him turned down and that he had not forged anyone’s signature.

Lawsuit in Dallas County

In Dallas County, Waukee’s Michael Duong sued Stache, his company, and Ziegler in a small claims court on February 19.

Duong is seeking more than $ 5,600 in damages. In his suit, it is said that Stache and Ziegler cashed a check for services never performed and stopped communicating with him after they got his money. Stache denied the claim on March 13, according to court records.

Duong said the case continued because Stache was not properly served with the suit.

“A pattern of unanswered complaints”

In a column published March 18, Watchdog found that subway residents looking for equipment repairs had filed numerous complaints with the attorney general and law enforcement officers against Stache, his wife and their companies.

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The young business owner, customers said in their complaints, took money and said he would have to wait for parts to be shipped before he could make repairs. As with Duong, they claimed that Stache would not show up later to do repairs and would stop communicating with them.

The Better Business Bureau advised Stache’s companies that they had “a pattern of unanswered complaints regarding repair, billing, sales practices, and refund issues.”

Stache left the state when Watchdog tried to contact him for comment on the allegations. He emailed the Iowa Attorney General that he was out of business.

An investigation into the complaints against Stache is ongoing in the Iowa Attorney General’s Consumer Protection division.

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