DeWalt 20V Cordless Drywall Sander

DeWalt Cordless drywall sander Perfect for working in non-powered areas

The DeWalt 20V Max line continues to grow with the Cordless Drywall Sander. DeWalt developed this tool for better mobility on the premises, especially in areas that are not powered and difficult to access.

10 second summary

  • Kit model: DeWalt DCE800P2
  • The brushless motor mounted on the head keeps the speed constant under load
  • Telescopic shaft and joint head
  • Integrated in Wireless Tool Control for dust management
  • AirLock connection
  • Variable speed dial
  • Dual action trigger
  • Compatible with hard and soft carrier pads
  • Sandpaper ranges from 80 to 240 grit
  • Available in autumn 2020
  • Kit Price: $ 619


Tight spots meet their match

The cordless DeWalt 20V Max drywall sander combines cordless convenience with a range of other functions so that you can stay productive even when working in tight spaces.

It has a telescopic shaft and a fully articulated head that allows you to easily sand walls and ceilings. A brushless motor mounted on the head ensures a constant speed throughout the work. This will help achieve an even finish.

With an emphasis on safety, the DeWalt Cordless drywall sander also offers improved dust extraction. It comes with DeWalt’s wireless tool control, which allows the sander to wirelessly couple to a compatible dust extractor. When you pull the trigger on the sander, it basically sends a signal to your vacuum cleaner to ignite. This saves you having to manually control the dust extractor.

In addition, the DeWalt grinder has an AirLock connection. This provides a quick and secure connection to any DeWalt vacuum cleaner without the need for a separate adapter.

DeWalt cordless dry sander

The DeWalt cordless drywall sander also has a variable speed dial with which you can set your speed between 700 and 1200 OPM. You get a dual-action trigger for even more control.

DeWalt battery drywall grinding control

The DeWalt Cordless drywall sander accepts both hard and soft carrier pads, both of which use 9 inch Velcro sanding discs. DeWalt’s 9-inch grinding wheels range in grit between 80 and 240 and include paper and mesh models. The hard carrier pad is available separately.


Our first thoughts

It is clear that a cordless drywall sander will still collect dust, so this tool offers a solution for applications with limited use. It seems to work best when you can benefit from an all-battery solution. DeWalt is promoting a tool that offers additional maneuverability. Since you’re staying connected to a Shop Vac it doesn’t really show it. The same problem obviously affects all cordless drywall sander on the market.

Currently, the largest DeWalt cordless vacuum cleaner has a 2 gallon capacity. If you opt for a true all-battery solution for small sanding jobs, the capacity is a bit limited. After all, a cordless drywall sander only swaps one of its two holding points (the cable) for a heavier sanding tool. In the end, this niche product could find a home for users looking for a fully portable solution for quick work and repairs.


The DeWalt 20V Max cordless dry sander is sold as a kit with two DCB05 5.0Ah batteries and a charger. You can also pick it up as a mere tool. The kit costs $ 619 while the mere tool costs $ 439. It includes a 3-year guarantee as well as the 1-year free service contract from DeWalt and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

DeWalt 20V Max cordless dry sander Technical data

  • Kit model: DeWalt DCE800P2
  • Motor: brushless
  • Speed: 700-1200 orbits per minute
  • Tool length: 49 inches
  • Tool weight: 8.59 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Price: $ 619 (kit), $ 439 (bare tool)

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