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It’s that time of year when school buses line the streets and college kids drive back to their dormitories. Don’t go for the first few days of a new year without some essential gadgets.

First and foremost, it is important to know where to go to download some home improvement equipment repair guides so that you can fix bugs that are wrong with your essential equipment, rather than having to call a mechanic or mom and dad to get the money for it to receive the exchange. Check out this blog for some essential devices for your college dorm.

An electric grill / old fashioned grill

It remains to be seen whether or not you can get out and cook on an old fashioned grill, but you can bring an electric grill with you to some dorms. It’s perfect for cooking anything from steaks to bacon for you and your friends.

A single serve coffee maker

College is tough. Nightly study hours and early morning hours can leave you yawning for most of the day. Because of this, a one-serving coffee maker is a must-have device that you can take with you to college. You can make yourself a quick cup of coffee in a morning rush and then walk out the door caffeinated and ready in a second. If you’re the type of person who drinks coffee all day, consider investing in a full size coffee maker as well to save time.

A mini fridge

Nobody wants to eat out all the time, and as a college student, you probably can’t afford it. The obvious device any dorm needs is a mini fridge. You can use it to keep a few things fresh, including drinks that you want to keep cold. Even if you have a meal plan and don’t intend to have your meals in your dormitory, you will need a mini fridge for your drinks and any snacks you need to keep you cool. So no matter how you look at it, it is a really good investment.

A microwave

Every dormitory needs a reliable microwave. Your dorm will likely have a microwave in the common areas, but sometimes you just want to be alone or not have to go to heat something when you are crowded for exams. With a microwave in your room, you can warm up your food and coffee, and the occasional bag of popcorn with the hot cocoa from your single-serving coffee maker. A microwave can be used for a number of things. So make sure it is the number one device of your most needed equipment for your dorm this year.

A top ramen pressure cooker

Everyone knows college kids tend to make a living on ramen noodles. This doesn’t apply to every college student, of course, but it is a cheap meal that gets filled when you need it. The Top Ramen Pressure Cooker cooks your pasta in under three minutes, so you can study or prepare to go out with friends (after your meal, of course).

Make sure any equipment you put in your dormitory is safe and approved by the dorm’s mom before you take it to college to be on the safe side.

These are just a few of the most important devices you need to keep working. Remember, the more knowledge you have, the less you will spend, and this is definitely important for a college student on a budget.

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