Do you need a handyman?

Senior Services offers a home improvement program for seniors in Midland County. A volunteer team helps seniors maintain their homes by making them safe and secure. Many older adults have to give up the independence of living in their home just because the home has not been remodeled for their safety. Senior services team of craftsmen to the rescue!

• Make exterior doors secure

• Windows and screens are safe and working

• The entrance lighting from the outside works

• The outside areas around the house are safe

• Slipping hazards in the house such as carpets, cords etc. are secured

• Stairs and handrails are safe

• Ceiling lamps are replaced

• Non-slip surfaces are built into bathtubs

• Install handholds

• Install raised toilet seats

• Install smoke alarms

• Offer energy efficient lightbulbs

• Performing other safety-related repairs and tasks

Are there any costs?

Labor and parts are free for seniors in Midland County. However, donations are very welcome and are used to expand the program and help more people in the community.

Things the Handyman Service can’t do

• Roof work

• Eaves change or cleaning

• Plumbing projects without a shut-off valve

• crawl space work

• Lawn and garden work

• Painting

• Soil replacement

• Clean windows

• Chemical applications

• Move or rearrange furniture

• Any job that is beyond the available talent of the current volunteer

do you need any more information?

For information and access to Senior Services Handyman Services call 989-633-3742 and be on your way to a safe place to live!

Craftsman volunteers wanted

Senior Services currently needs volunteer craftsmen, call 989-633-3741 or fill out the volunteer contact form at to sign up today!

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