Don’t ‘Throw Away Your Shot’! for Major Home Theater Sales

Here’s what I posted on on May 12th after posting news on a subject I have both a personal and professional interest in:

“There may be no sports, but the announcement of the accelerated release of“ Hamilton ”on July 3rd exclusively on Disney + is like a Super Bowl for the movie industry. And we know from discussions with integrators how big this event is to showcase the latest video technologies.

“Integrators have a long lead time – basically more than a month, to focus on home theater and home network upgrades before the streaming service blows away all viewership …

And you don’t throw your shot away! Because you’re young, shabby, and hungry … ‘yada, yada, if you’ve been lucky enough to see the musical, you know how the song goes.’

Forgive my loan lines from “My Shot,” the early show stop number in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s blockbuster musical, but … how did you do it?

The editors of CE Pro spoke to several integrators this spring, who mentioned that business continued and especially in the home theater and home network, even if the coronavirus pandemic continued.

While many integrators were naturally also affected by projects that were postponed or canceled when the lockdown measures took effect, others shared stories and photos in ongoing media about ongoing projects.

“Hamilton” is one of several considerations that are fueling the storm for home theater sales.

Take into account the impact of the pandemic and quarantine and how much time people spend at home. They are looking for entertainment, and streaming services are thriving as more people watch movies and TV shows with no live sports alternatives. And when the sport is back in full swing this summer and fall, your sport-thirsty customers will be glad that they have already upgraded their media room.

See a “new normal” emerging from the COVID-19 crisis as the potential coexistence of “day-and-date” movie releases in commercial and home theaters for potential home theater customers of all budgets. The Los Angeles Times reported April 13th that Universal Pictures’ “Trolls World Tour” made a record-breaking digital debut as a $ 20 rental on popular online platforms – no special hardware or software required, just a credit card for one very reasonable ROI Spend the night for dinner and a movie.

There is always a lot of grumbling about the Cineplex experience, and since it has become a major victim of the coronavirus (although hopefully more drive-ins are being renovated) there is no telling what a “new normal” going to the Cineplex movies will look like or when that will happen. The studios have to make some kind of money, and they found out that a lot of people pay $ 20 to see the Trolls World Tour at home.

Note that people with the resources will be putting this “found” money into other big ticket items instead of saving and spending some of it on family vacations, cruises, children’s summer camps, etc. Where I live, stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot have been non-stop since the lockdown, and neighborhood homes are getting new roofs, siding, windows, extensive landscaping, and other improvements. As I type this at press time, we return to record-breaking COVID-19 cases on a daily basis and these new 4K Dolby Atmos theaters are in massive use.

Disney, another company badly hit by the coronavirus (the lack of live sports certainly doesn’t help the ESPN / ABC parent), is also using “Hamilton” to boost business. The company’s Disney + service is fighting for the same subscribers as everyone else, and its content is limited, although some of the most popular and repeatable content is limited.

A few weeks before “Hamilton” was released, Disney stopped its seven-day free trials of Disney + and undoubtedly continued a surge in subscribers to its service of $ 6.99 / month ($ 69.99 / year) whether or not they watch the movie once and cancel or hang around for “The Mandalorian” (also worth it) and more. Heck, “Hamilton” was originally scheduled to open in October 2021. Disney knows people like me stood in line for hours to get tickets to my local performing arts center, and that is now the focus with unlimited lights on the Broadway home theater.

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