Drywall Contractor Uses Origami Method to Improve Appearance, Save Time

Professional Drywall, Inc.. (PDC), a commercial drywall company headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts, has developed a unique drywall method called origami.

This bespoke drywall uses a combination of plaster of paris, wood, plastic and even cement board to complete intricate and complex assemblies while keeping costs down.


“We pre-fabricate profiles in our shop, reduce installation time on site, and enhance the overall appearance by installing corners and other profiles in one piece,” said Ron Perry, President and Co-Owner of PDC. “We can easily and precisely duplicate multiple cuts, achieve finished returns and perfect corners at any angle, not just 90 degrees. This makes corners more durable and easy to repair. The process offers our customers design flexibility that was never thought possible. “

Watch the origami drywall method in action:

Origami drywall allows the creation of real right angles at corners and complex shapes and curves.

The intricate cuts that allow drywall to bend and shape into any shape are all made in-house by masters of their craft and then installed in one piece on construction sites.

The process saves labor costs by reducing the time it takes to install it on site. It also helps enforce vulnerable areas and allow for quick repairs.

“Our origami installations are pretty durable,” says Perry. “Repairing a dented or damaged traditional drywall corner can be time consuming and expensive. While our corners can be dented, the damage is much less and repairs can be done by a grout maintenance worker. “

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