Drywall Spanning a Band Joist

If you have a two story house, you always have a stairwell. Here we have a ribbon beam connecting the two levels, which quite often is a little off the level from the other walls. For this reason we do not want to add a seam in this area. I’ll do what I can to avoid a seam here.

Many people think this is a perfect place for a solid surface, but we want to avoid that because it will most likely crack there. When I hang this wall I actually start with a 2 foot. Tear on the top and come down with a 4 foot tall sheet. If we bridge this whole area, there will be no seam. Instead of installing screws here which are very likely to burst due to the shrinkage of the wood and possible movement in this frame, I’ll be introducing drywall glue.

By bridging this and not having a seam in this area, I eliminate possible bumps and problems with cracks. The screws go along the top and bottom edges and about 8 inches down, but nothing in the middle area.

This technique is extremely important. When doing drywall work, it isn’t always about minimizing the seams. I am more concerned about the seam position. By not having the seam in the wrong place, I eliminated this problem. In a year I won’t worry about those seam tears anymore.

This video was shot on location at a Habitat for humanity build where Myron is the site manager. Learn more on Habitat’s work in building houses in communities.

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