Festool Releases Drywall Sander PLANEX LHS 2 225 EQI-Plus From: Festool

Festool drywall sander PLANEX LHS 2 225 EQI-Plus.


The new generation of PLANEX long distance grinder has an LED light and a random orbital movement. The all-round LED light ring works like a built-in calculator light and shows unevenness when grinding. The adjustable suction force, the variable working length and the T-handle ensure ergonomic work on walls and ceilings, so that the tool is easy to control even during long operating times.

  • Grinding with integrated light: all-round LED light ring to reveal unevenness.
  • Adjustable suction power to relieve the arms and back; The PLANEX holds its own weight against walls and ceilings.
  • Variable working length, up to two extensions can be added.
  • Ergonomic T-handle for greater reach with shorter machines.
  • Safe and space-saving transport in the Systainer SYS3 XXL.
  • The brushless EC motor is robust, durable and maintenance-free.
  • Eccentric grinding movement for scratch-free surface quality.

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