Focal Trained Integrators to Provide Custom Home Theater Design and Installation

The COVID pandemic has had a profound impact on the home theater business and business has been brisk with tens of millions of consumers stuck at home across North America. In some parts of the country and across Europe, people have been stuck at home for 14 months and spent a lot of time watching movies and television at home. The Focal 1000 series of wall and ceiling speakers are hugely popular with A / V integrators, and the French manufacturer gives them some good news today.

For a unique, personalized experience and a perfect response to the expectations of their customers looking for high quality stereo and home theater installations, Focal is building a network of dedicated 1000 series retailers.

These retailers are trained and given access to the CEDIA Designer tool. Thanks to this partnership with CEDIA and the training of these specialist teams through various solutions, the French brand shows that service is more than ever at the heart of the Focal offer.

With the introduction of the 1000 series wall and ceiling speakers in 2021, including two products from the legendary Utopia collection, Focal is developing a support strategy that does justice to its range.

Integrator Services from Focal

Access to the home cinema room design tool The CEDIA Designer

As a CEDIA partner, Focal trains and offers 1000 series retailers free access to The CEDIA Designer. This interactive cloud software creates a single space for the entire process of designing an audiovisual system. Installers can use this for a unique and precise method of designing powerful custom installations that are perfectly adapted to the listening rooms.

Training for home theater installations

All 1000 series retailers benefit from the support and advice of experts trained in the products, how to use The CEDIA Designer, but also the techniques and tools required to design the ideal installation.

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