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Freezer repair costs

You open the freezer door and expect arctic cold. If instead you’re faced with a cool breeze and half-melted ice, it is a sign that your freezer needs professional attention.

Nationwide, it costs on average $ 350 repairing a broken freezer.

Because the freezing technique is more complicated than keeping your refrigerator running, the bill for professional freezer repairs can be higher than fixing a cooling problem with the refrigerator component. However, when it comes to repairing kitchen appliances, repairing your freezer may not be a huge expense.

With proper maintenance and care, freezers can expect a lifespan of 12 to 20 years. Paying the cost to repair a freezer is usually less expensive than buying a new one, which can easily cost more than $ 700 for a freezer or more than $ 600 for a chest freezer installed once.

How do freezers work?

To understand what’s wrong with your freezer and why repairs cost what they cost, it can be helpful to first understand how freezers work. Both stand-alone freezers and freezer / refrigerator combinations are cooled with two sets of coils: condenser coils and evaporative coils. Separated by an expansion valve, the compressor pump pressurizes the refrigerant.

When this ultra-cool refrigerant is sprayed to the evaporation coils at lower pressure, the refrigerant will evaporate and the cool temperature will remain.

If it sounds complex, it’s because it’s a very specific mechanism. If the coils, refrigerant, or other parts fail, the freezer may not be able to maintain its temperature below freezing.

What are some common freezing problems?

The cost of repairing the freezer depends on the labor price and the cost of replacement parts. Unsurprisingly, the most expensive repairs are those with the most complex specialized parts – like the control board, compressor, or thermostat. However, there are simpler problems with freezers that could mean a cheaper solution.

Freezer does not work

This problem may or may not be related to the freezer. The first culprit to be excluded is the socket. Make sure the power is on and the electrical outlet is working. If your outlet is working as intended, you may have a harder time determining what exactly is wrong with the freezer. It is best to call a professional if the freezer is completely malfunctioning.

Excessive frost in the freezer

Some frost in the freezer is normal and not a sign of concern. This is just the product of warm, moist air trapped in the freezer with the door open. So try to open and close the freezer quickly. However, if you find that there is an excessive amount of frost building up in the freezer, the problem may be a simple problem with the freezer door or seal. If this is excluded, the problem may be with the defrost sensor or some other component that is best judged by a professional technician.

Freezer makes loud noises

New freezers are virtually noiseless when operated correctly. If your freezer makes a loud noise, there may be a problem with an internal component such as the evaporator or rotating fan.

Freezer does not hold the temperature

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, freezing temperatures should be set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit for food safety reasons. If your freezer’s temperature gauge keeps ticking up, it could be a problem with the internal components, temperature sensor, or refrigerant. A professional freezer technician should be able to diagnose the problem. Remember, however, that freezers will typically last 20 years or less.

Ice on the bottom of the freezer

In fact, if water collects and freezes at the bottom of your freezer, removing the defrost drain hose by carefully pouring hot water through the hose can be a relatively simple solution. If that doesn’t fix the problem, a professional should be able to help.

What is the common cost of repairing freezers?

Depending on the nature of your freezer problem, the cost to fix will vary.

  • Compressor: $ 200 to $ 400 to repair a fuel leak or replace the compressor
  • Control board: $ 80 to $ 800 with the wide price range depending on the specific issue and complexity of the control board
  • Thermostat: $ 100 to $ 440
  • Defrost motor: $ 100 to $ 440
  • Wash: $ 100 to $ 440
  • Door seal: $ 50 to $ 440
  • Ice machine: $ 330 repair; possibly cheaper to replace with a new one $ 60 to $ 220

Can I repair a freezer myself?

If you are familiar with home improvement and are ready to fix problems with your freezer while avoiding major equipment repair costs, you may be able to get the job done. Some of the best chance for success of the DIY freezer repair projects including thermostat, door seal, or door switch repair.

If the problem is with internal components like the coils or the motor, it is best to consult a freezer repair technician if you are inexperienced. The greatest risk of attempting a repair outside of your depth is either irreparably damaging the freezer, or simply having the much higher cost to repair the device than it originally was.

Do I have to pay for the maintenance of the freezer?

If you want to be one step ahead of potential problems rather than dealing with freezer problems, it is advisable to consider regular maintenance by a professional freezer technician. On average, technicians charge for equipment repairs $ 60 to $ 70 per hour. If you want your freezer to be checked and adjusted by a professional while it is running, it shouldn’t cost much more than the hour or two of charges.

During this time, the technician should clean the condenser coils and make sure everything else is in order. Like any large kitchen appliance, freezers can be an investment. Make sure your freezer has the longest life possible by addressing any issues that may arise.

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