Gaithersburg handyman Daniel Reynolds gives family the gift of life

Gaithersburg Craftsman gives family the gift of life

A Gaithersburg family says a friend who usually does odd jobs for them around the house gave them the gift of life.

The family’s 62-year-old handyman Daniel Reynolds told 75-year-old Tony Antonelli he would give him his kidney. [Fox 5]

Kagan sponsors a bill to ease the fear of dirty doorknobs

State Senator Cheryl Kagan (D-Rockville) has tabled a bill requiring medical facilities in Maryland to configure public toilets so that people can get out on their way out without the dreaded door handle.

Senate Bill 579 would require hands-free towel dispensers and a device that would allow someone to get out of all public restrooms in healthcare facilities without touching the door handle by January 1, 2023. [Maryland Matters]

The nudge of the students causes the district officials to sign the Green New Deal letter

Sunrise Silver Spring, a local youth organization working for climate change and social justice, announced Monday that Montgomery County will sign a letter in support of the proposed Green New Deal.

The county government will sign the letter to the Biden administration and members of the U.S. Congress this week calling on federal leaders to support the deal, which students said would create new jobs, contribute to the economic recovery of neediest communities, and Clean up the environment. [Montgomery Community Media]

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